OXM US Give Burnout Paradise: 9/10

OXM US writes:

"Things move fast in Paradise City. You've heard that the grass is green and the girls are pretty, but with drive-thru body shops and absolutely no cops, there's no stopping anytime in this torque-obsessed 'burg. Cars don't even have speedometers here, for there are only two speeds: too fast and dead stop. This is a metropolis for drivers with steel nerves, lead feet, and brass balls. Welcome home."

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paul_war4664d ago

Official xbox UK mag gave ir 8/10, just so you know.

OpiZA4664d ago

Def a game everyone should consider trying out... even if it's a rent

AngryHippo4664d ago

....i'm going to get this for my PS3 i think. I have been neglecting it really since launch, playing my 360 more. Better versions of games are coming out in favour of the PS3, with PS3 exclusives only looking better and better


that mode is this game!!!see yall online.PLAY B3YOND!