Ubisoft's Far Cry 2 may now be PS3 exclusive

Far Cry 2 is looking fantastic, and was due out in April for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

That may now not be the case though, with evidence pointing towards a PS3 exclusive release for the Ubisoft title. Whether or not this could be console exclusive, or perhaps just a timed exclusive is not yet known.

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Bastard 3605971d ago (Edited 5971d ago )

The first Far Cry was great so this is a huge loss for Xbox fanboys if true, here i'll lend you a tissue, just don't through them in the flames of your burnt down 360 when trying to play GTA IV.

The 360 fanboy in the article is crying lol.

f7ss15971d ago

i for one would love to see this a ps3 and pc exclusive, but comon. speculation can get so out of hand sometimes. just because a few retailers shuffle around some platforms doesnt mean anything, they do that sort of thing all the time

marinelife95971d ago

Why do people base anything off of what a retailer's console listing says? Has any of them ever been right?

I'm trying to think of an instance where a retailer's site posting nailed a release date or a console listing. It is weird that the info is coming from a pro xbox site.

f7ss15971d ago

agreed that is a little odd that its comin from a 360 site.

Scrooge5971d ago

Boy, I got scared when the title said "PS3 exclusive", I thought they meant it was cancelled for PC! thank goodness not, the PC version will for sure be the best as they almost always are. PS3 should be able to handle it well, but the 256 MB of Ram might be a problem, it bottle necks it so bad.

mikeslemonade5971d ago

The ram in the PS3 is a different kind of ram which has more bandwith.

Scrooge5971d ago

More bandwidth? even so, do you really think it can make up for the 1.5 gigs of RAM required for Crysis?

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Mr_Kuwabara5971d ago

"Nothing but the truth" eh...

Anego Montoya FTMFW5971d ago (Edited 5971d ago )

that makes a HUGE difference.

chalk up another victory.(possibly)

Farcry 2 will sit nicely beside CRYSIS!


our time is NOW.

InMyOpinion5971d ago (Edited 5971d ago )

Why wait for an official statement from Ubisoft!? A probable typo from a retailer is proof enough! Right...

Ubisoft are known for making PS3 exclusives. Just look at Assassins Creed...Oops!

By "OUR time" I suppose you mean the time of gullible ignorants.

Please, for once look at both consoles install base and make a logic assumption.

Bleem3605971d ago

..why would a pro-360 site write something that wasn't good news for that console? I wouldn't call that fanboyism by a long way.

Still, I gather the rumor has been debunked by an official at Ubi so perhaps we can all just get along and enjoy what's looking like a fantastic little title.

i Shank u5971d ago

"our time is NOW."


Madbrain5971d ago

Xbox is at the end of its days, it cannot hide its inferiority anymore.

poos35971d ago

dream beyond haha 1st it was ninja gaiden 2 then splinter cell now farcry 2 plz stop making up bullshit as all 3 are coming to the 360

Amnesiac5971d ago

Poos3, is your entire lifetime spent defending the 360?

led10905971d ago

ha dont forget even the ps3 version is in doubt acc to the official website