Our Games Are Not Depressing Enough [Feedback Loop]

Should every kill in a game mean something?

In recent interviews David Cage and Warren Spector both addressed the need for games to be more emotive and less violent. However, it shouldn’t be an binary situation. Violent games could be a path to better art, if we deal with the violence in the correct way.

What we want in our video games then is not just emotion, but negative emotion. We must take games beyond the generation of fiero.

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sandman2242694d ago

No there not. When I'm playing a fps. I want to feel the pain of my enemy as I take them out.

h311rais3r2694d ago

Well generally when someone is shot IRL they just stumble and drop. No screaming. Just watch vids of war etc. it's not anywhere near like the movies/games.

TheColbertinator2694d ago

Try playing FFXIII.Its depressing to see how far Square has fallen.

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D3mons0ul2694d ago

It's simple. Just make a game where you see the other side of the conflict and humanize the enemy instead of going with the "us vs them" mentality.

The reason they don't is because they have proven that they can sell massive amounts on the "us vs them" bullshit because American gamers seem to think like 8th least...that's what the internet would have you believe.

AramZS2694d ago

I suspect that it is a bit too easy to just drop in the us vs them mentality to a game. You're right though humanizing the enemy would be a big step in the right direction.

That's why I really liked Spector's perspective. If there is one thing he did exceptionally well in Deus Ex, it was that he created boss enemies that were thought-out individuals, something lacking in modern games.

reznik_zerosum2694d ago

their games are not enough games (but pathetic movie abortions)

Tonester9252694d ago

This is something I was hoping Dead Island to have. More emotional choices then Mindless zombie killing. Such as the Trailer portrayed. I want to make choices that really make me feel happy or sad that I did them. No retries and very crucial consequences. When will there be a game like this?

Vortex3D2694d ago

I really wonder why zombies games are so popular. Is it because players don't have to justify why it's okay to kill any zombie that was formerly human too? There's also no good or bad. Zombies are what they are. Kill them before they eat you.

ChocolateGiddyUp2694d ago

I think the whole end of the world thing has cathartic appeal.

Plus, it's fun to bash stuff.

AramZS2694d ago

I disagree, as a genre Zombie games have huge potential for emotion. What's darker than watching a former close friend turn in front of you and being forced to shoot them?

No zombie game has ever really explored the consequences of the zombie apocalypse, which are very emotional, somewhat like the portrayal in the Dead Island trailer.

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