Warren Spector: "Why did I listen" to Deus Ex: Invisible War focus testers?

Warren Spector, creator of Deus Ex, has expressed regret that he paid attention to suggestions from focus testers on the classic RPG’s much-maligned sequel Invisible War.

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Jio2693d ago

"Put the guy/girl in a purple jumpsuit, people love purple jumpsuits."

Um, no we don't....

burgerman2693d ago

This coming from a Brony.

Jio2693d ago

This coming from a burger.

Moncole2693d ago

What is wrong with being a Brony?

Jio2693d ago


Don't listen to 2pacalypsenow, he can't stand it when someone likes something he doesn't.

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AtomicGerbil2693d ago

Where the hell did they find these focus testers. Clearly whoever they were didn't have a clue.

Hayabusa 1172693d ago

Focus testers are suppose to be clueless dummy! A the idea of "focus testing" something is to see how new, inexperienced people react to the product.

Ideally, focus testing is for stuff like gameplay difficulty and controls: basically to see how quick, long or difficult it is for a brand new player to learn and adapt to the game. Of course that's what focus testing is SUPPOSE to be for, but alot of devs and pubs these days think it's a magic wand that will reveal all the faults with the game and set it on the path to perfection.

Case in point, Deus Ex Invisible War. Warren clearly used the focus testers to get art feedback (not gameplay)...bumbest idea ever. Can you imagine Picasso asking his landlady what he/she thinks of the first ever cubism painting?

But as bad as that decision was, I somehow doubt the game floped because of a purple jumpsuit. The jumpsuit was the result of listening to the focus testers when they shouldn't have, and that was probably a sympton of bad decision making: the culmination of many errors is where it failed, purple jumpsuit included.

AtomicGerbil2693d ago

If your grammar in the first sentence is correct, then it's a little offensive, otherwise never mind.

I fully agree with your reasoning, but if focus groups and catering to the layperson has taught this industry anything it's don't listen to them. How often have you seen a franchise go south after going for a casual approach just for a bigger sell. Nine years after Invisible War and it's still going on. Thankfully not with Human Revolution though.

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Robotronfiend2693d ago

Sounds like we need some purple trench coat DLC for Deus Ex: HR.

mochachino2693d ago

Game creators rely way to much on what the potential users think they want, which is limited by what they've experienced. Users often don't know they'd want something new unless it was introduced to them, as it is outside of their imagination which is why they are not creators, simply users.

It's the job of the creator to fulfill his vision and create new standards for what it desired.

"If I asked people what they wanted they would have said a faster horse"
-Henry Ford

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