Current Complaints: Playstation Vita

It has been 6 months since the playstation vita released in Japan, 4 months internationally and 2 months since I got one myself. For the whole 2 months since buying one, I can honestly say that this handheld is pretty awesome. So much so, its practically my companion cube. I use it to play games, watch videos and occasionally impress friends. However, despite all the greatness packed into this system, there are some issues I found that slightly diminishes it.

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mxkite2692d ago

nice article but let ke add a couple of things

first is the nefast browser im not saying it is not functional it is but the ps vita is a very powerful machine it is even much more powerful than my ipod touch nad still it wipes the floor with the ps vita in terms of the web browser, so an update to the browser is a no brainer

Second the ui is very smart and functional i love it but the overall aesthetics of the apps an the ui do nit get a long just compare facebook , youtube twitter there is no ecosystem buttons are place here, there it is confusing and the keyboard is ugly the colors dont get a long. For some people it could be worthless details but for me are very important things togheter they make the diference between an excellent devuce and an average one

Third is it too dificult to use the web browser when playing games?
I mean there is 4 cores right there seriously

limewax2691d ago

I think if you were to try and run a game that requires a lot of power such as Uncharted GA, then you would probably experience frame drops if you could keep the web browser open.

It would be a nice touch for some of the less demanding games on the system though.

JaredH2691d ago

Actually there's a work around that lets you use the browser during the game. You just need to click a link on the twitter or facebook apps and it'll launch the browser.

Bowzabub2692d ago

Little late to the party Skippy! Could've been complaining like the rest of the Internet.. Since day one. Step up your bashing skills. You're falling behind.
Ooh rah!

specialguest2691d ago

A video player that won't let you hit Next or Previous? I have never heard of a modern video player without that feature. Not everything is bashing. Some consumers need to know what the known issues are from minor to major.

CommonSenseGamer2690d ago

The fact that you still have to convert video for playback is a bigger fail that not having a next/prev button.

The Vita is almost as locked down as Apple products.

r212691d ago

woah woah now hold your horses buddy, i didnt write this article to hate or troll like certain other websites, i wrote it to address issues that hopefully sony will cover in the next few updates. now, if you wish, you could chat with me on the main website cause right now, im short of bubbles.

supremacy2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I love my vita like the next guy does on here, but i too have a few things i wish Sony would be kind to address.

- Browser, sure they can take their time to build on whats already in place and simply add flash or they can add 3rd party browsers in their apps. Adding browsers like Google chrome, Modzilla firefox, Opera and such would give gamers options which would improve the vita experience.

-Multitask, and what i mean by this is, the vita has enough ram to keep a simple browser running in the background while i play a game. I shouldnt have to quit my game progress because i want to take a quick time out to browse the web.

-Synchronized at all time, all the time without the need,worry or concerned about any gray loading screens whenever i switch apps. I should be able to switch apps(whether thats checking trophies or my friends list to see who is on) on the fly without having to stare at a gray loading screen, its all i am saying.

-Synergy, vita is a very powerful handheld device, but even cellphones have more synergy than it. For example, everything should be connected and synchronize from the start. If i am browsing a page and it contains a video, once i click on that video it should automatically play if not play through the vitas own video app, its that simple. Same applies to music and such. Also, if i am online via my vita, my friends should be able to see me online on their ps3s. I can see them, but they cant see me, that needs to be checked.

One click access- I get why the apps just dont automatically open with one click, to give the livearea its purpose with refresh and updates. However things would be more convinient if they work semesslly. Updates? fine have them happen automatically and while my vita is not in heavy use, like when i put my vita down to sleep mode or when i am web browsing something. Every app should auto update themselves unless i am using said app/s(like if i am web browsing and the video app needs an update, it should automatically update itself in the background without warning or me having to open and update said app) at the time. Its how it should be, because when i click on an app it should open and run right away with the first and only click.

As for buttons and system design.

-R2&L2 +R3&L3+internal memory

The vita is good enough as is, but i am sure it could have been a lot better with these set of inputs in place. Though this might sound weird because i am going with the current design, R2&L2 buttons could perhaps served as triggers shaped into wedges, wedges located on the back where the wedge handles are, replace those hand resters with these for added functionality. The R3&L3 should click in like they do on the dualshock controllers, make the sticks a tad bigger like the ones on the Sega Dreamcast controllers. And in addition to this the vita should come with a buildt-in 16gb drive along with the current memory stick expasion bay. Sony theoretically can still do this and get away with it, i mean the vita is just over 2 million units in and all the devs will have to do is simply keep mapping the inputs like they currently are for the current userbase, while the new userbase can rejoice with these new inputs. No harm done.

Just my two cents.

sprinterboy2691d ago

small issues which need addressing. Battery indicater is not a problem imo neither is the UI, would like to use web browser though without the need to exit game but I do have my smart phone at hand so not a big deal. Loving my VITA and lots of games to play.

mxkite2690d ago

I agree with you i do have an smartphone so for me is not a bid deal too tough this machine is so powerful and capable of doing things like web browsing theres no point to add a web broweser that is not funtional on a system in the first place.

catch2691d ago

I'm not certain but wouldn't making the web browser available all the time mean that developers would always have to account for that so they would have less RAM to work with for the games themselves?

one2thr2690d ago

Not necessarily, the Vita has 512mb system and 128mb main, if the PS3 is capable doing what its doing with 512 MB split, then I believe that the vita is more than capable of running a game with the web browser active in the background... But then again who'd really use it seeing that it'll drain the battery faster, but then again there's a chance that the user would/will only uae it if their connected to the charger.

mxkite2690d ago

i would use it since i only use my ps vita at home

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