GTA V is right for zombies

Product-Reviews writes: The time is right for zombies in GTA V – when we finally see a launch of this game it should include a zombies mode like seen with a mod for GTA IV. Zombies are not for everyone but following the success of Red Dead Redemption and the Undead Nightmare DLC, which we spent hundreds of hours playing doing mindless things just for fun, the next GTA game should include this additional mode/DLC after the last game officially missed it.

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danswayuk2694d ago

After the Red Dead zombie mode DLC, this has to happen with GTA V, especially for us console owners that couldn't download the mod found on PC.

Pushagree2694d ago

Im sick of zombies. Anything that puts them in for no reason just puts a stamp of "unoriginal" on the case.

iamnsuperman2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I don't think GTA needs it. Just bring back the old gta 3 cheat of everyone hates you and for added difficulty everyone carries guns. It would be ok for added missions in dlc but i would rather see something like the ballad of gay tony than a zombie dlc.

Mr_cheese2694d ago

Unoriginal or not, there is no harm in it being released as dlc especially if demand is there" I personally would buy it, just like I brought undead nightmare. I trust rockstar to reinvent and make thinks original in their own way.

ricky3602694d ago

What are you on about? Zombies are cool if done right, they will never go away.

MysticStrummer2694d ago

The whole time I played Undead Nightmare I kept thinking how great it would be to have something like that in a GTA city. Bring it on.

WeskerChildReborned2694d ago

Yea, it would be sick if they included a GTA V zombie mode.

ATi_Elite2693d ago

GTAIV Zombie Mod, been there done that!

but yeh hopefully Rockstar flies in these modders to help them make a GTAV Zombie mod!

The MP Zombie mod is insane and pretty fun as you need to control the restaurants to survive off of food.

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tr00p3r2694d ago

That zombie mod video does look good have to was a success with RDR so why not with GTA V?

ricky3602694d ago

As an Xbox 360 owner that couldn't enjoy zombies on GTA 4, the mod should have been released as DLC for consoles, I want this in GTA 5 and I would be happy to pay for it as DLC.

mafiahajeri2694d ago

Undead Nightmare is the best SP DLC for any game period. I was thinking they should do the same with GTA and I hope they do!

AusRogo2694d ago

Would gladly pay for it as DLC, as long as its as good as what Undead Nightmare was!

danswayuk2694d ago

Couldn't agree more and it has to be first class DLC, which I am sure Rockstar are capable of.

CommonSense2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

the only thing RDR: UN was missing was the ability to jack a dump truck and plow through zombies. this would be remedied in a gta game.

Ducky2694d ago

Eh? First, bring back the cheat codes that start a riot and give RPG launcher to grandmas.

ricky3602694d ago

Love using cheats for all the best weapons and helicopters.

YodaCracker2694d ago

Except with Saints Row's terrible physics and lifeless world, it's a lot less fun to use those weapons than it would be in a Rockstar open world.

AgreeFairy2694d ago

GTA5 with zombies? I wouldn't be surprised if Rockstar had to copy Saints Row 3 now.

Imikida2694d ago

I don't think Rockstars gonna copy Saints Row any time soon, Grand Theft auto is far more popular, successful, and relevant then Saints Row will ever be.

mafiahajeri2694d ago

Agreed BUT dont waste your time talking sense into these "hardcore" gamers because to them GTA is too mainstream so no matter how good it is they will bash it relentlessly even though most of them will go out and buy the game day 1...

MysticStrummer2694d ago

SR3 pioneered zombies in videogames? No.

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The story is too old to be commented.