Battlefield Heroes Details

PC Games has made an exclusive interview with DICE about Battlefield Heroes.

Some details:
- Pick one character and you level him up through the game.
- 3rd person rather than 1st person.
- Vehicles in the game unlike Team Fortress 2.
- Historical war setting.
- Much simpler than Team Fortress 2.
- Customizable solider: 15 parts to customize - gloves, hats, trousers, bags. Distinctive items.
- New players separated from hardcore players.
- Open beta in the summer.

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Xeikon4664d ago

DICE need to slow down a bit...

I think they're spreading themselves a little thin trying to juggle 3 Battlefield titles at one time.

SRuN44664d ago

third person? that definitely raised my interest level.

Capt CHAOS4664d ago

Eek! I'll give that a miss..