007 Legends Better than Goldeneye Interview With Dino Verano

GamerFitNation: On June 27th, 2012 GamerFitNation’s Antwand “Blackbible” Pearman interviews Activision Associate Producer Dino Verano on their new title 007 Legends. Imagine a compilation of some of the best James Bond movies ever made add Daniel Craig to the mix and you’ll have one hell of a game. Legends gives you everything you love about Bond games including that Golden Eye touch, with the four player split screen co-op.

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Snookies122697d ago

Uh, not likely... Though it does sound interesting. I suppose we'll have to wait and see. Goldeneye was just at the right place at the right time, that's why it got to be so big and so many gamers fondly remember it. I'm not sure at this point anything they release will be able to top that feeling.

logan_izer102696d ago

This just in! The guy at Burger King told me that the best burger in the world is the Whopper! Point made.

GrumpyOldGamer2696d ago

HAHA.. yeah, right sonny boy... And chicken livers is better than a sirloin steak. I've heard this nonsense since well after Goldeneye came out for the N64... "Oh 007 The World Is Not Enough for the N64 will be better than Goldeneye"... "Oh (insert mediocre 007 title) will be better than Goldeneye..."