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"Time for another Better Late Than Never review, a review of a game too recent to be a retro review and too old to be a regular review! Our favorite world-renowned spy celebrated a milestone of an anniversary last year. We're a bit late to the party, but it's better than not showing up at all. Well... after playing through 007 Legends, the game to coincide with Bond's fiftieth, perhaps it was best to not show up at all. Here's SuperPhillip Central's review."

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marloc_x2715d ago

aww.. I have fun with it!

000012715d ago

does anyone know who owns the James Bond license now since activision has lost use of it? i would love to see EA buy the license back, the 6th generation James Bond game published by EA were all really good.

marloc_x2715d ago

Also have "From Russia With Love", recommend both the game and the movie too.

000012715d ago

ive played and watch both the game and movie, good stuff

000012715d ago

no, it would be a publisher who would own the ip, not a developer.

marloc_x2714d ago

I know,(inferring who could work on it for a particular publisher)! Just a fun comment:)