Ripten: Turok Xbox 360 Demo Impressions

Dylan Duarte of Ripten gives his impressions of the recent Turok Demo, found on XBox live and PSN.

He writes: "So just how hard is it to screw up a game about stabbing dinosaurs? Not that hard, apparently."

He prefaces it all by stating that Turok has a steep hill to climb. The bar for shooters has been raised tremendously in the past year with games like Halo 3, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, and Call of Duty 4. This is what Turok has to live up to. In his personal opinion, Call of Duty 4 is the best shooter ever made and probably one of the best games ever made. This is what Turok has to live up to.

The environment looks very bland, but he can't imagine a cave looking that spectacular. The texture leaves a lot to be desired and there were things scattered about – such as bones – which just looked downright bad.

Another gripe he had was with the stealth. There's no actual system to it, so you just have to crouch in the bushes and hope you're not spotted. Many times enemies will stand right in front of you and look in your direction, but you'll still go unnoticed.

The enemy A.I. was terrible, with guys just standing out in the open and blasting away. At one point, he lobbed a grenade into a pack of enemies, where they seemed to just stand there and stare at it before being away. They clearly acknowledged its presence, yet they made no attempt to escape.

A year or so ago, Turok would have been a mediocre shooter. In light of recent games, it's just bad. Stabbing enemies is fun for a while, but the animations and actual act itself get tiresome quickly.He also had a lot of fun taking out enemies with my bow, but it's not nearly enough to carry the game.

With only a couple weeks to go until the finished game, he can't imagine much of anything will change.

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KidMakeshift4664d ago


I still want to play it

Keyser4664d ago

it's horrible. I liked the old Turok and I thought this version could be very promising but I played the demo the other night and had to force myself to continue it was so bad. It was one of the few times I was actually angry at a game because the experience was so poor.

It was sort of like a blend of new graphics (poorly done) but old gameplay I learned somewhere between the PSone and PS2/Xbox.

Because you only have a few years on this planet I would warn you not to waste a second on this game.

StrboyM4664d ago

disagree....this guy went into it looking for bad things...I played it and if i had written this review it would have been completely different. i enjoyed the shooting aspect..using my knife only when in close quarters...the stealth was cheesy as he said, but its ok caus after i was caught it was back to the shooting...

comparing a military based shooter to a dinosaur/cave/ jungle shooter also made me wonder why there were no airstrikes in turok (sarcasm)

this guy is being too harsh..its not CoD4, but i already have that game....this one still has time to add some polish and turn out an above average experience.

Cyrus3654664d ago

I think he was definitely harsh, going into it, i dunno expecting a COD 4 experience of some sorts.

kwicksandz4664d ago

In the gameplay demonstrations and preview builds the demo-er was getting knocked on his ass every 30 seconds by dinos. it looked like it would get annoying quick.

BigBadPolo4664d ago

It does get a little annoying and you do get knocked down quite a bit. I don't think it was as straight up bad as the reviewer made it out to be, but it really isn't worth the $60. If it were around $40, I'd consider it but as of now it is nothing more than a weekend rental.

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