Final Fantasy XIII Development and Demo

FF-XIII.net has translated some text from a Famitsu scan which reveals information about the development of Final Fantasy XIII, and a demo which might come this year according to Nomura.

FF13: An excerpt from an article in this week's magazine: 'Thoughts determined, times have matured.....

TheHater5790d ago

If we get a demo, then I can safely predict that the PSN will crash.

Jdash245790d ago

haha....thats a VERY safe bet

Omg....crazy thought, MGS4 & FF13 demo same day.....psn would crash soo fast.......again, just a crazy thought

PlayStation3605790d ago

it might be better/safer to get a free Demo Disc with the pre-order of FFXIII :P

n_n5790d ago

ps3 sales will spike hardcore and psn will definitely crash!

Matsuiichi5790d ago

Great! A demo to whet our appetites! Hopefully, there will soon be a lot more info to come. A release date, maybe? :)

m91058265790d ago

I just have to say, congrats on using the correct spelling of "whet". I've never seen it done correctly on this site before.

m91058265790d ago

How can you disagree with me? Nothing I said was even the least bit disagreeable. "I" had never seen anyone use the correct form of the word. I was saying good job. Unless you want to encourage the use of idiotic spelling or IM speak, you're an idiot. Actually, in either case, you're an idiot.

picker3325790d ago (Edited 5790d ago )

Yea yea no thought!!!...No thought!!!

Expy5790d ago

2008 will be the year eh? Sounds good!

Good to hear that they're working night and day on this title!

bootsielon5790d ago

Should this be confirmation that FFXIII will NOT come out in 2008? I think so.

felman875790d ago

The game isn't coming this year, not to the US

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Huh? XIII was just terrible

Even something singular like characters in XVI are better