8bitfix: The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Just 10 years after Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man released and changed the landscape of the superhero movie forever, the franchise has been rebooted with a new cast and new director. Having seen the movie at a midnight screening last night, I can happily say that I thought it was incredible.

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SnakePlissken2689d ago

This game is incredible. I cannot say the same for the movie though. Might be the worst Peter Parker of all time! They picked a real weird looking Parker, dont understand why this guy!!!

secretcode2689d ago

Once you watch the movie, it becomes real clear why they picked Garfield. The kid is a lot more nervous/human than the previous Spidey, and honestly seems like a awkward kid who's trying to do the right thing instead of a weird dude who has the same face for every emotion.

Also, I really love how all the reviews for this game are so drastic from each other. Either they absolutely love it, or "WORST GAME EVER, UGH." Sounds a lot like the reviews for the movie, now that I think about it...

Soldierone2689d ago

Its a fantastic movie and a great game. The game could have done a little more, but the movie was amazing in every way.

Haters are either

1 Simply just hating it to get attention.
2 Never saw it
3 Have naked dreams about Tobey McGuire and will only say nice things about him.

secretcode2689d ago

I dunno about that, as everyone I know that has seen the movie either hates it or loves it. It's a very polarizing experience.

MattyG2688d ago

I just watched the movie about an hour ago and have to say that Garfield's performance beat Tobey McGuire by a mile. He was far more likeable and seemed like he could be a real person.

SnakePlissken2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I didnt like McGuire either, he was not a convincing Peter Parker at all. This was even a worse choice though. Ive been a spidey fan since the late 70s. Used to watch the real series of spiderman on tv all the time. Now that guy was a great Peter Parker.

Ive read the comics and so forth. I think most real spidey fans are gonna be extremely disappointed by this movie. Now if you dont care about how his character is supposed to be, and are mostly just wanting to see this movie for all the CGI, then this wont bother you.

Most people these days dont give a shit about story, its all about effects, and thats sad. But, im not fooled by the extremely poor choice of this guy. One thing i noticed about this Parker, is not only is he a terrible actor, he looks like he is full blown jewish!

Not that i have anything against jewish people, but why on earth would you cast someone to play the part of Spiderman that looks like he should be attending a bar mitzvah? Spiderman was not jewish, nor ever portrayed like he was.

Funny thing is, after researching this actor, i come to found out that he is indeed jewish. Hes only been acting for like 6 years, hes too new. Dr. Who series and some unheard of forgettable soap opera series, thats it. Bad choice period! They wouldve been better off picking McGuires friend DeFranco to play Spidey. They just fucked those movies all up with the casting too!

MattyG2686d ago

@SnakePlissken Well i haven't followed Spider-man that long, so I thought he was a good choice. But what does him being jewish have to do with ANYTHING?

Gekko2689d ago

Most reviews have praised this game it seems more positively than negative. That's great to hear because I've always been a fan of Spiderman 2(PS2) due to the ability to roam around New York city and participate in missions and meet characters from the comics like Black Cat.

Since they've added a lot of these things back I'll be sure to buy this game once I've watched the movie.