'Halo 4' multiplayer playlists will be more streamlined than 'Reach'

XMNR: Noting that Halo: Reach has too many playlists, 343 Industries' David Ellis said on Tuesday that Halo 4's War Games multiplayer playlists will be much more streamlined.

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LAWSON722692d ago

I hope they put swat and snipers into slayer

Drcherd2692d ago

i guess i dont know what they have up their sleeves but how can you have too many? probably meaning not all gametypes were played but it just seems giving players more options would be prefered.

delosisland2691d ago

Too many playlists divide the players. Reach had TOO MANY. if I choose to play btb, there shouldn't be 3 variations each time. It was irritating. Examples; team slayer/slayer pro/slayer dmr. Btb/btb heavies. Invasion/invasion slayer. People quit every single match I sd ever in cuz they got something they didn't sign up for, simple as that. Streamline that sh#$ please "_"