4k gaming, a real improvement?

Tech blogger Rasmus Slot writes: "When playing video games or rendering other kinds of 3D intensive application on your pc you always want the best possible rendering quality in order to have the most immersive experience, but quite often the screen you are using won't surpass 1920x1080(1080p) or even do much more then 1368x768 (768p) when using a laptop..."

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doogiebear2697d ago

to be fair, the game would have to natively be done in 4k resolution, THEN be viewed on a 4k screen. All were seeing now is 1080p games "upscaled" to 4k, then viewing on a 1080p screen again. Kinda hard to really see much of a substantial "improvement". I really do wonder how I can get a glimps of TRUE 4k res texture maps on a true 4k screen.

GillHarrison2697d ago

4k isn't really a term used to describe a texture map and has nothing to do with a 4k screen. If you have RAGE on PC you can use 8192 x 8192 texture maps. So you can already see a higher texture map than "4k." If you meant seeing a game running at a native 4k resolution on a 4k screen that would make more sense.

dirthurts2697d ago

I think donbear is confusing video rasterisation with video.
You can natively run any game at 4k(assuming you can edit the code), reguardless of texture maps.

doogiebear2697d ago

i'm not talking about editng code, i'm just talking about actually playing a game built for it from the ground up. That's all.

dirthurts2697d ago

You edit code to change resolution actually. That's what I mean.
To render a game in higher resolution all you actually do is change a line of code. Even menus just tap into and change that line of code.

Gorbenshore2697d ago

Gaming at 4K would be really impressive but i'd rather have games with 60 FPS on a 120hz HDTV.

doogiebear2697d ago

Maybe in the not too far future, we'll have consoles (or at least pc's) good enough to do 60k @ 120hz on a 4K screen. You gotta think big when it comes to our rapidly advancing technological age. I mean, dammit we cloned a sheep! The sky's the limit.

taquito2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

next gen consoles wont even do 1080p at 60 frames all the time, towards the end of next gen we'll be seeing 720p with bad framerates again

people do not want to pay $800 for a console

you aint going to get 4k anything for $350

Eyesoftheraven2697d ago

My money is on most next gen console games being rendered at native 1680x1024/30 and 60 depending on developers needs, then upscaled to 1080p. The odd racing and sport game will likely be true 1080p/60 on consoles. Native 4k gaming with high detail settings in consoles is at least 2 generations away.

current high end PCs on the other hand can render 6 1080p screens at once with high settings and high fps.

DivineAssault 2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

no way in hell ima be able to buy a new led that can sport 4k resolutions for a console if they even make em... my monitor can do 1/2 that but i dont PC game too much to care..

Eyesoftheraven2697d ago

4k displays are currently available for purchase at around $10,000USD. The latest PC GPUS like the Radeon 7970 now support 4k display port output.

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