Wiimote Hack Converts TV into Touchless Microsoft Surface

Gizmodo reports: "This user interface project allows you to control objects on a display using gestures, working like Microsoft's Surface but without touching the screen at all. Inspired by Johnny Chung Lee's work, the system requires you to wear Minority Report-style gloves equipped with infrared emitters on your fingertips. A Wiimote on top of the display keeps track of these IR LEDs, while the software can read the motion down to two-finger pinching gestures for image zooming. Hopefuly, using it won't convert you into a sofa-jumping, grinning-crazy, Scientology-member maniac".

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ar4657d ago

I'd like to test that but not so sure it's practical to use in the long run.

badkolo4657d ago

dude that is cool, i would love using that in the next gen of gaming in some manor, looks like it works well too.

QuietStorm4657d ago

No that AWESOME!!!!!!!! Man I'll tellya technology is amazing