Final Fantasy XIII Games Radar Preview

The new tale of the crystal starts here

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Bonsai12144658d ago

meh.. nothing new on the game in the preview. just rehashed old info. it looks like they just wrote another article on the game based on old information. but it doesn't matter though. gets my blood pumping.

Omegasyde4658d ago

gamesradar does anthing for hits now it seems. I can't wait for thier TOP 10 Reasons you should buy FF13 or even better, the top ten breast of Final fantasy...

O brother.

Bonsai12144658d ago

haha, they actually do top 7s..

sonarus4658d ago

with all the screens and new info coming out looks like square enix has finally got the ball rolling on final fantasy(hoping actually). So it still makes a christmas release for final fantasy a possibility. A game of this magnitude released over the holiday period will sky rocket ps3 sales but hopefully by then there will be a lot of other games which have already stopped up to do that. mgs4, killzone 2, LBP resistance 2 e.t.c.

hazeblaze4658d ago

True, but have you seen all of the new scans on There seems to be a LOT of new scans... I wonder just how far along this game is?! I think it's very likely that we'll see it come out in Japan in 08... hopefully it won't take TOO long for them to translate to english.

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Counter_ACT4658d ago

Yeah, just a rehash of already known info. Thats what fansites are for.

Majere4658d ago

for this to come out. Keep rehashing all of it when it comes to any FF game. One of the true last great RPG series.

Frances-the-Mute4658d ago

dam, just old info, moving on.....

DJ4658d ago

of this title. I've probably read 20 of these articles, and still know nothing about the game. Maybe that's a good thing though since the release date is so far off.

Genki4658d ago

Every screen or video I've seen of this game looks too good to be true.

I know it's squares MO to advert their games with the FMVs, but it's getting ludicrous now.

I'd like to at least have some idea of how the game will play, look, and feel. This stuff doesn't give me that. Seems like they're treading the dangerous water of the legendary FF name and their usually on point CG.

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