Video:- Chris Redfield Resident Evil 6 Gameplay presents a short clip looking at the action packed Chris Redfield campaign in Resident Evil 6.

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Pozzle2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I really hate the idea of gun-toting zombies. If it looks like a human, moves like a human, sounds like a human, and is able to plan/attack/strategize like a human...then the enemies might as well be human.

Irishguy952695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

This was my argument for the Last of Us Zombies. Lost a bubble/

LostDjinn2695d ago

"This was my argument for the Last of Us Zombies. Lost a bubble/" - Funny. I checked your history and you haven't commented on TLOU.

It's sad that people feel so small that they have to create multiple accounts. It's sadder still that people are so stupid they tell everyone they're just a pathetic multi troll without meaning to.

Irishguy952695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

"It's sad that people feel so small that they have to create multiple accounts. "

What about getting banned over a meh reason?(although looking back on it, I actually agree it's ban worthy, just not permaban) Yes, I am a troll aren't I? Yet if anyone remembers the first reveal of TloU, people were strongly defending ND on the fact that they had zombies in their game(yet there wasn't even any need to defend them)

This is the same thing right here in RE6. Just to tell you guys, there are also T-virus zombies in this game. Along with the new c virus or whatever the **** it is.

It does not matter what you call the enemies, people can moan about RE not having 'slow stupid zombies' anymore. But complaining about the fact that a game has enemies with guns and doesn't even call them zombies anymore, you may aswell moan about every Tps.(yeah that's all RE is now)

Re has new viruses. It's been this way since RE4. Yet people only moan about it after RE5 came out.

Also, for RE, no they should nto be human, it doesn't suit the story at all does it? It's about Bio weapons/terrorism. All a creator needs to do is give a valid reason as to why 'infected' are the way they are. Such as 28 days later. They resemble zombies. They are not zombies, they are not the walking dead. The last of us? Infected with...corcydeps?(isn't it)

Frodosmugins2695d ago

I feel like troling this game till they stop making it :P..

d4sholil12694d ago

The so called "zombies", at least in this demo, might as well have been vampire mutants! Where are the flesh eating, rotted skinned, virus filled, half dead resident evil zombies that we want to see?!?!

tom012552692d ago

See Leon's campaign (attached video)

The enemies that have been in every Resident Evil since Resident Evil 4 have not been zombies - they've been people infected with parasites.