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Ollie from GamEvolution writes: "Nine years have passed since the last game in the series and while graphics and gameplay may have changed greatly, the main man himself remains as he was left. Max Payne, unable to move on from the murder of his wife and daughter seeks salvation in bleak bars and at the bottom of whisky bottles. This addiction to brown liquor and pills, although not the characteristics we’d expect from a protagonist, plays a significant role in character development and realistic reaction to the trauma he has faced. Watching a man systematically destroy his life because it eases the pain becomes one of the main themes for Max Payne 3. While there are likely to be many variant reading of disapproval and disgust at this behaviour. The dominant feeling is that of pity for Max. Unlike many other third person shooters fighting through large quantities of enemies, Max Payne feels the most human and relatable I have ever come across. Rockstar have constructed their protagonist almost perfectly."

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