Ys I & II - Trailer and Galleries

DS Fanboy · Posted Jan 22nd 2008 5:00PM by JC Fletcher

Ys I & II are actually coming out on March 20th, even though the trailer says February.

DS Fanboy has separate image galleries for Ys and Ys II.

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VirusE4658d ago

Looks like it's time for me to invest in a DS…. again. YS book 1 & 2 was my fav turbo graphix game and is tied to some of my best childhood memories. I just wonder if it will have all of the dialog intact since it is on a cartridge.

neid4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

This brings me memories playing this game on
my TurboGraphix-16 CD-ROM. I would definetely
have to pick this up when it comes out for the DS.

Lazy Day4658d ago

I love Y's 1!! I still own this game for the Sega Master System good times. Are they bringing this state side?

chrno64657d ago

I have played 2 and 6, and they were pretty decent.