Stringer: Xbox 360 is an 'Obsession'

In a lively interview with the Wall Street Journal, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer compliments Bill Gates' salesmanship and unintentionally reveals his preoccupation with the Xbox 360.

The WSJ conducted the interview in front of an audience at the publication's D: All Things Digital conference last week, where the Sony boss inadvertently revealed his own fixation with the videogames market.

When talking up the box office sales of Sony's Da Vinci Code movie, Stringer said, "It also beat Xbox 3 in Europe in its second weekend," at which point WSJ tech columnist Walt Mossberg corrected, "You mean X-Men 3." Laughing, Stringer retorted, "There's an obsession!"

When the interview's topic switched to videogames and Xbox, Stringer said, "God I walked into that, didn't I ... Look, the skill of Bill Gates is he's so brilliant at his detail that when he slips in the salesmanship, most of us think: oh my God, he must be right. ... He talked on the one hand, and I loved it, he talked about [Windows] Vista [being] delayed as if the delay was normal, and then he started mocking me for delaying PS3 [PlayStation 3]."

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clayton6581d ago

What, I knew it Sony employees all own a xbox 360

Islandkiwi6581d ago

At least he's cordial.

The problem I have is that the strengths of the PS3 he's referring to are what I feel are it's weaknesses. Saying it will be the center of my living room entertainment center, it has more features than a 747...I want a gaming system.

Gates loved that the ps3 was delayed for two gave the 360 no competition for another 8 months, and there was no reason for it other than the blu-ray drive.

As for the Vista delay...does anyone actually care about Vista anyway? It comes out when it comes out.

shotty6581d ago

It doesn't matter if Vista is delayed it just an OS, we have XP. But the PS3 being delayed is a big mistake for sony since it already has competition.

kingboy6581d ago

Correction!! we have the ps2 ,which still rocks despite it`s age

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