Gameplanet Gives 8/10 To Endless Ocean

1/23/08 - Huntress of Gameplanet writes:

"Bringing new meaning to the term 'immersive gameplay' is Nintendo's latest adventure title. Endless Ocean is not Arika's first foray into the world of scuba diving; both of their previous PS2 titles Everblue and Everblue2 followed a similar vein so it wasn't such a stretch for them to produce a next-gen version for the Wii."

Ups: A minimal learning curve with uncomplicated, open-ended gameplay makes this accessible to all levels of ability; plenty to do and see.

Downs: Quite repetitive, and the cursor can sometimes be difficult to manipulate.

Bottom Line: Something a little different that, due to its explore-and-collect nature is likely to appeal mostly to the younger set… although older players may enjoy the change of scenery and pace from their usual gaming fare.

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