Editorial: E3 doesn’t care about the PC

A PC-exclusive game hasn’t won Best Original Game since 2006 or Best of Show since 2005. Both winners were Spore. But hey, let’s not dwell on that bleak and multi-appendaged past. 2012 was a decent year for PC exclusives at E3. There were plenty to pick from, and absolutely none were officially recognized: Neverwinter, SimCity, The Elder Scrolls Online, Hawken, Otherland, End of Nations, Shootmania Storm, MechWarrior Online, Natural Selection 2, World of Warplanes, Arma 3, Company of Heroes 2.

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Garethvk3867d ago

Actually, we just posted a video on this. While they may not care, I saw two pending games of profile that were presented with a PC.

Voxelman3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

List of games confirmed to be PC footage

Watch Dogs
Star Wars 1313
Metro: Last Light
Far Cry 3 (Ubi conference only the co-op footage was PS3 at the Sony conf as that is a Sony mandate, which is why it looked so much worse)
Crysis 3
Hitman: Absolution
Medal of Honour: Warfighter
Dead Space 3
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Then there were the PC exclusives
Planetside 2
TES Online
Guild Wars 2
Company of Heroes 2

papashango3866d ago

This approach to presenting games on pc isn't new but was more than likely a result of how much Battlefield 3 stole the show last year. After they were showered with awards this will continue until the next-gen consoles start making appearances. By then it'll be "look at what this console is capable of" buzz.

Pain_Killer3866d ago

Crysis 3 was shown on the consoles, Controls were from Xbox as seen in the gameplay vid when Prophet fired that arrow towards the heli.

MOHA:WF was running on the PC, Saw the HAF X (NVIDIA version) laying near the booth myself. It was a awesome sight to see PC there. :)

Voxelman3866d ago

@pain_killer 360 controllers work fine on PC, in fact most of the games demoed on PC used a controller, it makes for smoother camera movements as you can't look around as fast as you can using a mouse.

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taquito3867d ago

nearly every game on display at e3 was running on pc.....

Army_of_Darkness3867d ago

sure, anything non ps3 related maybe;-) lol!

DivineAssault 3867d ago

not as many PC gamers as console gamers.. they want to reach the larger audience.. All the games shown on PC were far superior too.. lets hope nx gen consoles can at least match decent PC specs right now

ufo8mycat3867d ago

The graphics were only better - thats it. The game itself wasen't better at all (same game).

So that argument fails.

You just have to face it. PC has nothing except Diablo 3, which is the last game I played on my PC in a very very long time.

What can I play on my PC that I can't already play on my PS3 or 360?.

The fact that the last 2 games I played on PC were THw Witcher 2 (at the time exclusive) and Diablo3, proves - not much else.

DivineAssault 3867d ago

The graphics were better, they ran smoother, & i didnt see medal of honor with the updated frostbite 2.0 demoed on consoles.. Maybe i missed it... What about star wars the old republic? what about star craft 2? theres lots of games that can only run on PCs.. I own the consoles too but PCs run the games with minimal compromise.. Consoles have framerate issues, & so many glitches all the time.. If i could afford it, i would upgrade the hell out of mine & play on there but its too expensive to keep it up to date.. I still love my ps3 tho but i dont need an xbox with a PC handy

Pizza3867d ago

Wrong, if you live in China you will be very hard to find gamer gaming on 360 and PS3.

TitanUp3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

you could have brought in valid points instead you bring in false information.

witcher 2 and diablo 3 thats all pc has?

Planetside 2
Dead State
Diablo III
Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm
Guild Wars 2
Quantum Conundrum
The Secret World
Torchlight II
Arma 3
Grim Dawn
End Of Nations
Dragon Commander
Natural Selection 2
X: Rebirth
War Of The Roses
Line Of Defense
Age Of Decadence
Carmageddon: Reincarnation
Project CARS
BlackLight Retribution
Iron Front
Auto Club Revolution
Phantasy Star Online 2
WarHammer 40,000 Dark Millenium
Fortune Summoners
World of Darkness
Gettysburg: Armored Warfare
King Arthur II
Path of Exile
Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai
World of Warplanes
Elder Scrolls Online
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
Super Monday Night Combat
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
Elemental: Fallen Enchantress
Avernum: Escape from the Pit
Prison Architect
Wargame: European Escalation
Warlock: Master Of The Arcane

think you should use google more often most of these are pc exclusives or timed exclusives.

heck a lot of these games are unreleased but we have so many games to play the list would kinda be big for an n4g comment.

BrutallyBlunt3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

There are tens of millions of PC gamers. A game like World of Warcraft for example has millions of subscribers, even now. Steam has tens of millions of customers too. Some of thei biggest sellers the last decade have been Angry Birds and Minecraft, both of which didn't start out on consoles.

The PC doesn't get the marketing. They don't have big companies like Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo backing it. Valve backs Steam but they don't have hardware they are trying to sell.

I'd like to see more investment into PC gaming since it's the most capable platform to start with.


It's not just the graphics. A game like Battlefield can support far more gamers for multiplayer on the PC. Another franchise like Civilization (and most RTS games) just play better on the PC. The hardware is able to withstand the landscape and the amount of objects going on without the framerate going to a crawl. There are also a lot of games on Steam that never make it to consoles. Granted many of them are not AAA games but a lot of them are a lot of fun and most of all, unique.

The biggest problems the PC faces are investment and piracy.

Zha1tan3866d ago

Id only slightly disagree levelhead as a decent mid range PC can be bought for the proce of a new release console if you build it yourself which is pretty simple with thousands of guides online.

Even the lowest settings on PC gives you access to all the best features of the system like mod tools etc.

The biggest problem id say it faces is Hackers because they are ever present and realistically cant be stopped by punkbuster as its an arms race, nothing kills a MP when your getting one shot killed by pistols on BF3.

BrutallyBlunt3866d ago

I was actually referring to the investments from publishers, not consumers. The Starcrafts, the Diablos, and the high end graphic games are few and far between. MMO's are still thriving though. A lot of games now that do get designed for the PC also consider the console.

You're right, you don't have to spend much on a PC to play games of equal stature to how they play on consoles.

Ravenor3867d ago

Guys, that's to show the game looking and running at its absolute best. Or in the case of Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313 running at a detail level that cant be met on the current crop of consoles.

EA and Ubisoft using a PC at ever possible chance they had, had nothing to do with the PC. It's all about the console crowd at the Press conference.

ufo8mycat3867d ago

I've only played 2 games on my PC - The Witcher 2 (at the time exclusive) & Diablo 3.

Yeah not surprised no one cares about PC, it has hardly any games anymore.

The Witcher 3 will most likely be on PS3/360. So that leaves me with what? Diablo 4? LOL

givemeshelter3867d ago

Almost every single pc multi platform games plays and looks better then it's console counterpart.
Considering the majority of games released in a calendar year are multi platform games out numbering exclusive games for each console at least 3-1, there are plenty of games on the pc.
I for one like playing my games at above 1080p @60 fps. Something none of these consoles can do.

Ducky3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Dota2, GuildWars2, Torchlight2, PlanetSide2... a whole lot of '2's are coming up.

Not to mention mods that lead to unique experiences like DayZ, or the DLC content to existing games like TF2.

Tribes has been quite an enjoyable and refreshing FPS so far, and I'm excited for the upcoming ShootMania as well.

There's a whole lot more mentioned in the article itself.

It's fine if you don't find any of those games interesting, but to say that PC has hardly any games is just plain ignorance.

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