PlayStation's Most Powerful Problems

Greg Miller of IGN writes, "The other day, I was helping Call of Duty expert Bobby Amos get a PS3 hooked up at his desk, and a lengthy firmware update began. He rolled his eyes and said "This is why I hate PlayStation." And... I couldn't argue. I could've pointed out the Xbox updates I sit through or how hard I think it is to find things on the Live Marketplace, but I didn't, because Bobby's right. The PlayStation hardware on the market right now is not player friendly -- it's not designed with the idea of you plugging it in and it being easy to use."

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Seraphemz3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

what a bunch of stupid lame ass compaints...

Firmware update??? You can update when that update comes out... that easy. Why wait till you get a new game???
And even if you do update, it doesnt take that long...

Damn, some people just need to nit pick...seriously this gen has gone to sh*t with all these lame articles.

LOGICWINS3407d ago

Different strokes for different folks. Certain things bother more people than others.

flankhim3407d ago

The thing I hate the most is backround noise on the ps3 mics. Does not happen as much on 360 mics.

Prince_Dim-Lu3407d ago

Sounds like you're talking through a tin can using PS3 mics imo.

darthv723407d ago

Both platforms handle the download of software and fw updates differently.

I will admit that when I got the ps3 I complained that it did things differently than the 360. I got over it. I like both and if more people were to experience both objectively there would be less bickering and complaining about why this does that or that one doesnt do this.

Both platforms have changed so much since launch that if we were to look back at where they started we would more appreciative at what they offer now.

but i guess there will always be those you just cant please. no matter what.

Sono4213407d ago

My only real complaint is the xmb loading time in game. If someone messages me while i'm in the middle of an online game I don't even bother trying to read it anymore. It loads too slow. Please fix this Sony. Maybe just a simpler xmb for while your in game?

Gaming1013407d ago

This article is all 360 fanboyism, really? Explaining to someone that they needed to buy a headset and that not every game had party features was so difficult, compared to paying 60 bucks a year for that stupid xbox live? Give me a break.

MaxXAttaxX3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Probably because I have PS Plus. It updates while I sleep :P

But when I used to update, it took, literally, no more than 5 minutes.


What kind of cheap ass mics are you using? My Sony ones are pretty good ....Oh wait, you're a TROLL, nvm. Nice comment history by the way.

insomnium23407d ago

@ levelhead

The only problem with your comment is this quote "So how many Sony apologists are we going to see now?". See you set things up with a comment like that.

You wish for a mature discussion on this topic yet you blow that chance out the window with the very first sentence you write. This is not the way to do things. This is not mature.

lastdual3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Sometimes complaining is GOOD.

The more Sony hears about customers wanting fewer firmware updates, cross-game chat, automatic trophy syncing, etc., the better the PS4 is likely to be.

Even if you're such a religious fan of Sony that the thought of owning another console is morally offensive to you, you should understand that Sony has to pull in normal people as well as hardcore gamers in order to make a decent profit, and many of these issues *do* matter to normal people (my casual gamer, PS3-only owning friends have made the same complaints plenty of times).

Sony isn't ignoring the hardcore, so there's no reason to fret over them improving "nitpicks" that matter to non-hardcore folks.

ArtificiallyYours3406d ago

This concept is harder for people to grasp than Black Holes these days.

Weird comparison I know, but really.

Trebius513406d ago

Just do yourselves a favor and look at the comment history on the ppl up there ^^^^^ bashing the ps3. Doesnt take a genius to realize theyre nerds fighting their nonexistant console war. Pretty pathetic. Just flag them as spam or trolls and move on cause their words mean absolutely nothing.

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guitarded773407d ago

Even better... if you're PS+ just set it to auto-update while you're sleeping.

thorstein3407d ago

That's what I do. All the system updates, patches and the occasional Demo, while I am asleep! Gotta love that.

kneon3407d ago

Even without + the update from a few days ago took under 5 minutes to download, install and reboot. I don't know what all the whining is about.

Frankfurt3406d ago Show
guitarded773406d ago

@ Frankfurt

Hmmm... looks like you're calling me out as a "Sony fan". You seem to have mistaken me for yourself... See, I game on all consoles and I'm not afraid to give props to a company when they do something right, or be critical when they do something wrong. But my above statement was just a simple fact... PS+ will auto update and patch for those who have the service. Nothing "Sony fan" about it. But you go on to post a link to a story that's not even relevant because you don't like Sony for some reason. Seems very hypocritical.

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Blaze9293407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

I say it is what it is by now. Talking about stuff like marketplace and firmware updates etc is just pointless. If FW updates were slow for the past 6 years, they will continue to be slow. This gen isn't about to change drastically for anyone. Clearly as they finally admitted things like cross-game chat simply won't work.

But next-gen, Sony should just come completely hard and realize they can't just ride on the Sony nor Playstation brand name anymore and except it to sell itself. There are some serious competitors now unlike the PS2 era. Booooy were they running the PS2 era haha

miyamoto3407d ago

Some times the slowness of Sony when it comes to software updates is so annoying.

Rule 1 Customers don't know what they want.

Persistantthug3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

is pretty terrible.

Obviously the games are great....but the OS software and accompanying apps and settings, including the browser....they are pretty horrible.

If there's any doubt....I challenge anyone to download GIANT BOMB'S latest podcast, then listen to an hour, turn off your PS3, then turn it BACK ON, and try and get back to where you left off. You will immediately see one of Sony's weaknesses. Even their MP3 software is like something out off the 90's.

From what I've come to understand, the Japanese in general are pretty behind Software wise, and also behind in Internet social features and services.

Unfortunately, that describes both Sony & Nintendo to a tee (it's gonna be waaayyy worse for Nintendo btw)

For the PS4....Sony needs to let their American Sony branches handle all things Software related.

ginsunuva3407d ago

Japan, Korea, and Taiwan have strong hardware.
America has software

Christopher3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

persistantthug: I dare you to try downloading and listening to it on your 360.

Trust me, I agree that they're a bit behind the ball on browsers, but at least some things are there to complain about, right?

As far as who should handle the OS end, I actually think the European team would be best. They have the best social features on the Web of anyone out there. The U.S. is horrible in that regards as well.

Persistantthug3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

But the overall functionality, is only that....functional.

I know it very well, because from Feb - May, my computer went down, and I was using my PS3 to browse at home. It's pretty bad bro.
But, I hear you....better than nothing.

But I disagree with you. I mean US tech companies practically runs the internet. Also, Sony has more offices and employees in the US than any other country outside of Asia, and obviously Europe is not a centralized country.

Also, I'm thinking, some Google integration would be nice.....Sony's Bay Area (Silicon Valley) office is about 15-20 mins away from Googles.
Just sayin.

RXL3406d ago

and the people that make it a "well you can't do that on your 360!" annoy the shit out of me..

i could give a crap what the 360 can't do..i don't have one..i only care about what the ps3 can and can't do..

so for a base of argument and just the sake of trying to make a better console next gen..stick to topic..

Christopher3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I'm not sure Google integration is going to happen. Google is focusing a ton on their own platform and integrating with Sony would require a ton of changes to [Sony's] design. I would love for this to happen, but I don't think it will.

As far as my comments about Europe, that was in regards to the internal software developers. IMHO, they are the best out of America, Japan, or Europe. Their Web-based social elements are miles ahead, they have the developers who build the most social and interactive elements (LBP), and so on.

As far as software downloading and updating, they should just have SOE manage all of that. DC Universe Online is ridiculously fast to install/update and is smooth as hell. It took me only an hour and a half to download and install the initial 18GB file and updates rarely take more than 10 minutes and tend to be almost 1GB in size.

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BitbyDeath3407d ago

He just trolled in the first sentence and you congratulate him?

Jazz41083407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

The reason people complain is not just to wine its becausse xbox live blows psn out of the water in almost every area. Sony is so far behind and I have said forever on this site that these are the reasons I wouth rather game on my 360 as my ps3 is slow and always fll of updates. I don't care for online gaming so that's not a deal breaker for me but mandatory installs and constant firmware updates that you have to download and then instal seperate is a waste of time when I rarley run into a update on xbox that's more then 30 seconds. Ms entire revamped dashboard took 3 minutes last fall. Could you imagine on psn if it could run the 360s dashboard which its not capable of, how long it would take? Every firmware you have to redownload and rewrite over the same file instead of a quick update. Sony blows with psn and xmb but if it wast for there very talented studios I would not own a ps3.

TBM3407d ago

man the media and gamers this generation have got to be the worst ive ever seen. i especially find the gamers who lets say have a cable provider their paying internet for happily turn over more cash to play online when their already doing that.

either way if you're complaining about waiting 5 minutes just for a firmware/game update then you seriously need to get your life in order lol, there's a lot more pressing matters in life that are more upsetting then updates on the ps3.

killerhog3407d ago

Then people asked why I never liked Greg miller and saw him as a fake playstation fanboy. Long before hating on Greg was cool, he did these exact BS articles. Me and my bro kept saying why doesn't he just go over to the Xbox side already. I hated him for years and haven't touch the ign site for just as long.

Disccordia3407d ago

The ps3 does have a stupid patch system. For example I put in bfbc2 and have to download a 2gb patch before I can play. Why? It turns out its the Vietnam content which I hadn't even purchased. But I had to download it anyway. Its the same for every game. The patches should be separate from the actual dlc like on PC and 360. If you want to plug and play it isn't really possible

That's what the article is about and its most definitely true. Sony will hopefully learn to change this architecture for psn for ps4

Oschino19073406d ago

Blame EA/Dice, they are the ones who release their DLC with their patches, has nothing to do with Sony. Try popping in BF3 and have fun once again downloading the DLC/Expansions that you didn't buy.

I swear over half the complaints I see on N4G comment sections for any game/system/service are just pure ignorance or lack of knowledge, but put out there with so much compassion and emotion that really has no basis other then inside their own mind.

milohighclub3406d ago

I'm sorry but get a better isp my updates take a matter of seconds.

1Victor3406d ago

The biggest PS3 problem have been the faboish media with all the hate case in point this article. I don't see anyone complains about my 360 pesky adds or lack of exclusives.

avengers19783406d ago

I have mine set up to auto update... IDK if that's only for plus members or not, but it saves time, and is easy to set up.

I don't have any issues with playstation, I would like a stronger network, but when it's free it's hard to complain about it.

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AtomicGerbil3407d ago

I'm sorry, but if those are your complaints then you really don't get out much.

Statix3407d ago

If these are the things that society complains about, then society is f***ing retarded.

I mean, it's a simple ~5 minute firmware download on a moderately fast internet connection, for god's sake. How do these same people sit through an MP3 download on iTunes or Amazon when they buy a new album online? How do PC gamers sit through 7GB+ game downloads and/or installs whenever they want to buy a new game?

Call me a "Sony apologist" if you want. I call you a Sony hater who wants to nitpick things to whine about. It's not like a PS3 firmware update happens every week, or even once a month. It's an incredibly trivial nuisance.

Seraphemz3407d ago

Thats an excellent point !!

AtomicGerbil3407d ago

And to further your point how in sweet merciful crap to these people cope in a traffic jam or a queue at the bar?

Oh_Yeah3407d ago

yeah, not like you cant switch to tv while the update is installing, make a sandwich, get a bj, do some push-ups etc. while waiting. i know xbox downloads are alot quicker because of the updated wireless card by about 2-3 times but thats about the only advantage a xbox has really. would you rather have quick downloads and timed dlc or badass exclusive games with free to play multiplayer? lol

dboyman3407d ago

Seems everyone now these days wants everything instant without any wait. They are used to things where you turn on it ready to go, and get upset if things don't go there way. Basically today people want "instant gratification" Why you think people complain about no software for Vita? It takes time to develop GOOD games.

I once knew someone (an adult) literally had a "temper tantrum" just because their phone had to reboot to update their software to play some apps. A coworker once told me those people who act like that or complain have contracted ACADD (Artificially Created Attention Deficit Disorder).

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andibandit3406d ago

Im sorry, but if you arent complaining, your entire life is problably centered around your PS3.

AtomicGerbil3406d ago

Is that the best you can do? If you must know my entire life is centred around my family, all wrapped up in my career to provide for that family. Gaming fills in some of the gaps.

OllieBoy3407d ago

People who complain about PS3 firmware updates are people who barely play their PS3. They get no sympathy from me.

mushroomwig3407d ago

I have to agree.

I've recently move in with my partner, her family have a PS3 but they've never had the internet until now. I set up their account, put in LBP2 and waited for all the updates to finish.

This was fine until they started to complain about how long it was taking and yet it didn't seem to enter into their brains that it's only because they've NEVER connected their console to the internet before, of course there are going to be a back log of updates.

Smashbro293407d ago Show
dale13407d ago

how long to update 5 mins tops,how long to play the extra exclusives,days and days not a bad 5 mins

HappyWithOneBubble3407d ago

I don't have a problem waiting for updates. Some people just don't have the patience. They want everything fast.

Nathaniel_Drake3407d ago

"Some people just don't have the patience. They want everything fast."

Which explains the COD boom this generation

joeorc3406d ago

"I don't have a problem waiting for updates. Some people just don't have the patience. They want everything fast."

Exactly..100% agreement

I mean does people really want to make a problem waiting for 5 to 10 min's for an update to play a game, when that's the whole reason they were going to waste their time on something about entertainment anyway?

you are going to be playing a game!

I remember waiting to game on BBS's and i could not connect for over a half an hour waiting just to get into the game.

i look at it this way..if some gamer's are that upset waiting on 5 or 10 min's extra to play a game that frankly, they were going to waste time playing a game anyway. Maybe gaming on a PS3 is not for them. They maybe better off in playing another game system.

If they are getting that frustrated about it, maybe could you imagine if there was no game systems to be had for them to game on?

I should know, when i was growing up there was no Game system's Hell there was just Pong at one time..LMAO

atari want to wait for thing's to boot



before there was even computer generated games there was Pen AN Paper games with imagination!

It would not shock me if the entire world got hit by an EMP like it did in escape from LA that many gamer's would be still clinching their Game pads waiting for the power to come back on, sweat dripping from their forehead. waiting just like Al bundy waiting in front of his door for a
pizza hut pizza that peg never ordered!


mxkite3407d ago

it is imposible to judge the ps3 as not being player friendly just because the wait of the updates not suprised this article comes from ign

JellyJelly3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

I think it's when you compare it to the Xbox 360 or an Apple product that it really shows.

But yeah, can't have people criticizing anything Sony related on N4G, can we? Not even when it's the Playstation editor of IGN...

Some of you guys are just too much with your blind fanboyism.

Imalwaysright3406d ago

So waiting for 5 minutes (2 min by my experience) is a reason to complain? I think that your blind fanboyism doesnt allow you to see how lame and ridiculous it is to cry over 5 minutes. Gamers should complain about online passes, DLC, DRM, having to pay to play online, unfinished games being released... Its just stupid to complain about things that dont really matter.