How to Get 800 Free Microsoft Points

Kotaku explains how to get 800 free Microsoft Points if you have already purchased Undertow.

"We've gotten a few reports of customers who had purchased Undertow previously being laughed off the support line when calling Microsoft for compensations, as they indicated to us to do last week, so I decided to try the process out for myself."

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bym051d4665d ago

Well that comment is completely irrelevant to the topic.

InYourMom4665d ago

Both Mullet and captainpwn and XBREAK suffer from it. They have such inferiority complex because their plastic toy is LAST that they can even manage to spam up a thread about MS giving away free points.

Kwertie4665d ago

I'm still waiting for my free xbox live game they promised due to the crappy live at christmas. ms are full of crap

bym051d4665d ago

That's the Undertow this article refers to.

Becomes available for d/l later this week.

ZombiesNJ4665d ago

Bubbles just for that user name and picture...haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.