How to Get 800 Free Microsoft Points

Kotaku explains how to get 800 free Microsoft Points if you have already purchased Undertow.

"We've gotten a few reports of customers who had purchased Undertow previously being laughed off the support line when calling Microsoft for compensations, as they indicated to us to do last week, so I decided to try the process out for myself."

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bym051d5796d ago

Well that comment is completely irrelevant to the topic.

InYourMom5796d ago

Both Mullet and captainpwn and XBREAK suffer from it. They have such inferiority complex because their plastic toy is LAST that they can even manage to spam up a thread about MS giving away free points.

Kwertie5796d ago

I'm still waiting for my free xbox live game they promised due to the crappy live at christmas. ms are full of crap

bym051d5796d ago

That's the Undertow this article refers to.

Becomes available for d/l later this week.

ZombiesNJ5796d ago

Bubbles just for that user name and picture...haha.

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Brand new titles hit Xbox One Backwards Compatibility – Are they worth the return?

Carlos writes "Whether you love the Xbox One Backward Compatibility feature or you hate it, there’s no denying the program continues to go from strength to strength with each new title made playable on Xbox One. And now we get to see another fresh bunch of new additions make their way to the Xbox One - but are they worth heading back to once more."

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Firebird3602271d ago

I'm waiting for lot war in the north, pgr4 and viking battle for asguard.

Genuine-User2271d ago

Just give us Splinter Cell Blacklist, Bionary Domain and Enslaved.

shinrock2270d ago


Cy2271d ago

Aww, why 3? Do Saint's Row 2!

TargusX2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

And yet again..still no MW2 or MW3....WHY?????? :( Are they remastering I wonder??


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Top Five Xbox Live Games You Probably Missed (RunDLC)

With over 250 games available and new ones every week, Xbox Live has a lot to offer. There’s so much content that you probably missed a few gems during multiplayer matches of Hydro Thunder Hurricane or solving puzzles in Limbo. That’s why we’re here to deliver the top five games you probably missed.

Robert Workman (RunDLC)

lochdoun4878d ago

Great little addictive game for 5 bucks.