Secret Smash Bros. Developer Revealed

A major RPG developer has entered the brawl.

IGN writes: "When pounding the eggs out of Yoshi as Mario, you'll be experiencing the handy work of the makers of the Grandia and Lunar franchises."

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lonestarmt4291d ago

man what I wouldn't give for a new lunar game.

mullet4291d ago

It's going to be epic.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4291d ago

I wanna see a new lunar and a new Grandia. 3 wasen't too good and kinda confusing in jap.

ChickeyCantor4291d ago

I suggest he reads the interview better

smashballs4291d ago

Seriously. They didn't ENTER the Brawl, they BUILT it.

And while it may allow for some of those series' characteristic styles, I doubt there will be anything in Brawl that's more than superficially related to those games.