Gears of War on Sale Now! Who Screwed Up?

WITH RECORDED AUDIO PHONE CALL! Xbox Live Gamer Steve519 gets verbal confirmation from that his Paid-in-Full purchase of Gears of War for the Xbox 360 will ship in "3-4 days". Steve Purchased the game on Sunday Sep 24, 2006, well over one month before the official release, "EMERGENCY DAY": Nov 7, 2006.

Stay tuned to to find out if Steve really gets the game in "3-4 days".

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eques judicii5380d ago

I work at EB Games and so far the "emergence" day is set at November 12th in our store

HyperBear5380d ago

What EB Games do you work at? cause the one i work at it says Nov.8 launch, cause we get it one day after the american launch.

eques judicii5379d ago

its release date is the 7th, but our new marketing says nov 12th

HyperBear5380d ago

but what is better for HD Gaming on my 360. Component cables, or a VGA cable. Im thinking VGA, cause it displays everything to the fullist of it abilities. Buit if someone could answer that for me, that'd be great.

eques judicii5380d ago

For gaming component actually works better because the colors are brighter while vga tends to be a bit washed out (due to the fact that most tvs don't filter vga but will color filter component) but now that the 1080p patch is coming out... you'll probably want to watch movies with vga (resolution upscaling) and play games with component.. unless the colors are improved over vga by the patch or you can adjust your tv :-)

I plan on picking up the vga when the patch comes out... but this is just my opinion

Steve5195380d ago

I really hope this is true, I want this game

PS360PCROCKS5379d ago

Ok this is not true this guy for tiger direct is a moron, it's probably a pre-order and this guy is a moron and if it is true, this guy is lucky...not to mention um this XBLPODCAST guy's voice is creepy

Steve5195379d ago

which one the first or second one?

PS360PCROCKS5379d ago

first guy not the steve guy, yeah the first guy, he sounds like a child molestor

Steve5195379d ago

wow i couldn't disagree more, rusty has a great radio voice, maybe he just had his setup all wrong when he recorded.

And I'm the steve guy btw

PS360PCROCKS5378d ago

Oh no wonder you asked than...I still say his voice is weird, but whatever and BTW I knew this was a pre-order what a moronic employee

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