Ars System Guide: January 2008 edition

January 22, 2008

Brian Won of Ars Technica writes:

"Welcome to the most recent installment of the fabled Ars System Guide, a carefully-crafted resource for system building enthusiasts across the 'Net. The goal, as always, is to provide three solid setups for do-it-yourself computing enthusiasts.

Some lucky bastards have unlimited funds, others have to pinch every penny, but it's possible to put together a potent PC for just about any budget. The key is striking different price/performance points; to that end, our system guides offer three configurations. For each component, we'll explain why we think it's the best fit for each system, always keeping in mind that "the best component" depends on the goals you're trying to achieve (and the budget you're trying to achieve it with). If you disagree, let us know why; argue well enough, and you just might see your favored component make the next system guide."

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mirroredderorrim4666d ago

Insane. Triple SLI (8800 ultrax3) and a Q9650 with 4 gigs(2 sticks) of DDr2 corsair and 1000W power supply is all I need.

This system they're talking about is way too expensive.

Samer3054666d ago

Dang man thats insane. The god box is just insane. 16gb of ram yeesh.