Conflict: Denied Ops Preview (Games Radar)

1/22/08 - Justin Towell of GamesRadar UK writes:

"Its unique selling point is perhaps its biggest problem. Squad-based shooters rarely get it right, so cutting the 'squad' back to two men should be a good thing. The idea is that Lang is the heavy gunner and Graves is the sneaky sniper. But it doesn't quite play like that. Whoever gets the snipey end of the stick will often be wishing their standard-issue pistol wasn't the only weapon alternative. That's right, there are no weapon pick-ups here. No pinching a fallen enemy's machine gun - if you're the designated sniper, you have to be the sniper. All the while, your buddy gets to spray bullets like there's no tomorrow. It doesn't seem fair."

"Do it right, however, and physically talk to your real-life companion about battlefield positions, and the game gets a lot better. The game is quite hard at present, even on normal difficulty, so success does feel like an achievement. But it also feels like hard work for much of the time."

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