100 Marios, All Hand Controlled

From Kotaku:

"While it does start off with a single Mario, this clip does eventually feature one hundred Marios controlled by hand recognition technology that was made six years ago. For those keeping score, that's before Sony's EyeToy. Seems hard to control the Marios, and it's a bit like watching lemmings. In red overalls."

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Dracoexplosion4657d ago

would be more impressive if more than 1 of the 100 made it to the finish. still kinda cool

KS19854657d ago

So many Mario's lost.

xionpunk4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

it was like a mass wave attack on Goombas. poor lil marios in front...they were so young...

GodsHand4657d ago

I guess a work in progress. Too bad these 100 marios did not have the flower, and be spitting fire balls out of his nose 100x.

yamamoto1144657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

The first music track is cute and reminds me of what me and my friends used to get everyone to do in elementary school while we were on buses headed to field trips. The second music track is INFERNAL and makes me want to pry my ears off.

Oh. 100 Marios. That's cool.

Kyrue4657d ago

doesn't matter how many you lose, as long as you win haha.

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