100 Marios, All Hand Controlled

From Kotaku:

"While it does start off with a single Mario, this clip does eventually feature one hundred Marios controlled by hand recognition technology that was made six years ago. For those keeping score, that's before Sony's EyeToy. Seems hard to control the Marios, and it's a bit like watching lemmings. In red overalls."

Dracoexplosion5794d ago

would be more impressive if more than 1 of the 100 made it to the finish. still kinda cool

xionpunk5794d ago (Edited 5794d ago )

it was like a mass wave attack on Goombas. poor lil marios in front...they were so young...

GodsHand5794d ago

I guess a work in progress. Too bad these 100 marios did not have the flower, and be spitting fire balls out of his nose 100x.

yamamoto1145794d ago (Edited 5794d ago )

The first music track is cute and reminds me of what me and my friends used to get everyone to do in elementary school while we were on buses headed to field trips. The second music track is INFERNAL and makes me want to pry my ears off.

Oh. 100 Marios. That's cool.

Kyrue5794d ago

doesn't matter how many you lose, as long as you win haha.

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Sony Appears to be Working on a New Version of the DualSense

Sony seems to be working on a new version of the DualSense that would improve on the PS5 controller with some extremely helpful features.

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Jin_Sakai1d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

Pretty awesome. Hopefully they add a bigger battery to boot.

“The button hints would also be spelled out on the controller's touchpad, which would actually double as a display. This is not the first patent indicating that the DualSense 2 might feature a touchscreen instead of a touchpad, as another such IP filing emerged online back in September. As for the concept at hand, the controller that it describes wouldn't just be capable of lighting up its buttons, including its shoulder triggers, but also both of its analog sticks.“

_SilverHawk_1d 3h ago (Edited 1d 3h ago )

Sony needs to make a controller that can work on ps1,ps2,ps3,ps4 and ps5.

Mr_cheese14h ago

Surely you understand that that isn't feasible or warranted

Profchaos14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

Sony won't but there's manufacturers out there that do make that. Brooks is the one I have and can use my DS3,4 and duelsense on my PS1 and PS2 almong with Xbox controller and switch pro etc.

Note it feels better than a original controller however you still have the same controller functionality so most shooters play better with R2 as shoot but during the PS2 R1 was the standard as we didn't have triggers yet so the games feel sometimes unnatural to play

They have adapter's for most systems even modern ones want to use an Xbox controller on switch. For some reason they probably have something for that.

SonyStyled10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

You can use a DualShock 4 or Dualsense on a PS3. You can use a PS1 and 2 controller on a PS3 with an adapter.

What you are asking for is a wired Dualsense, or a wireless receiver for a Dualsense to play on PS1 and PS2. Everything else is already compatible out of the box.

-Foxtrot1d 4h ago


Hopefully any upgrades and the like are kept for the PS6. If we start wasting things on mid gen consoles then the next gen isn’t as “wow” worthy compared to holding out and seeing a massive difference from something released 8 years ago or something.

purple1011d 2h ago

Totally agree
Good point.

Would make it much better to have these things for nex-gen, with games that tie in on release

Sony have many weird patients, they are sony after all.

I remember one, with sweat sensor and the obvious heart rate monitor of course.

-Foxtrot1d 1h ago

Yeah it’s just I feel like if we didn’t have the PS4 and the like we’d have been a little bit more blown away with what the PS5 / Xbox Series X could have done at launch

VenomUK16h ago

The touchscreen may or may not be useless.
If it is just repeating info on screen it may end up being ignored like the colours on the DualShock 4.
However if it can provide actual useful information, guidance for play that complements what is on screen, eg showing how to perform a move, or accessing inventory, without having to go to the menu, then it might work.

However, Sony must get it running with multiple games so they know if it actually provides a benefit beyond the cool sounding concept.

Tody_ZA18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

I agree with you Fox except about the PS4, as it was one of the best generations for PlayStation so I'm absolutely glad it exists. Perhaps the PS4 Pro could have been skipped, but I was glad to play God of War at 60fps ;)

Stanjara17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

It wasn't 60. It was all over the place... around 45-50. I couldn't do it and played at fidelity 30.

badz14912h ago

I just want them to introduce the back button attachment like they did with the DS4. I love that thing and would definitely buy them for my controllers without having to buy the Edge.

HICK8h ago

Look into the mods you can do. I just did one and it was easy. RISE4 eXtreme Rate is what I did but you can do one with just 2 buttons.

victorMaje8h ago

Agreed. If the revisions sell it may become a yearly thing which I’m not sure how to feel about.
Dualsense blew me away. If there are revisions the wow factor may get lost.

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Vits1d ago

Honestly, I would dig a screen on a controller. I always liked the Dreamcast implementation of the VMUS, which could be simulated by something like this. The buttons lighting up could be cool for some accessibility-specific scenarios. Still, for general usage, I can't think of any potential uses that can't be achieved by ordinary buttons.

That said. If they are going to make a new controller, I would love them to invest in more repairability. Modular sticks, easier access to the battery, etc.

__y2jb12h ago

The vmu was a good idea, very badly implemented and went totally unsupported.

gold_drake10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

no no no, a screen on a controller is a bad idea. really really bad idea.

1. battery life lol
2. the amount of times my controller fell down somewhere because i either didnt see it is or it just slipped.pffmof something is alot.

Vits10h ago

1. Just put a decent battery on the controller. If Flydigi manage to do it with their Apex 3, Sony can with their devices as well.
2. That is a "you issue", stop having lettuce hands. /s

darthv729h ago

They could just enable 2nd screen support for the portal.

Vits8h ago

Honestly, I find it bizarre that is not a thing at the moment.