GNT Review: Cut the Rope

The game Cut The Rope came out in October 4, 2010 on the iPhone for 69p and the iPad for £1.49 the main aim of the game is to aim the candy ball into the monsters mouth who is called ‘Om Nom’ each level consists of 25 levels and in each one you can either score 1,2 or 3 star ratings. These depend on how many stars you collect during the level so if you collect 1 star during the level you’ll only get a 1 star rating and so on. The whole game is a puzzle game because you have to cut the ropes that the candy is attached to and direct it into Om Nom’s mouth.

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Walker2301d ago

This is one of the best handheld/mobile game i have ever played !

darthv722301d ago

I've aced the original so now im on to the experiments levels. Those are interesting to play.

victorGma212301d ago

If you guys love this game, I would recommend:
-Cut the Rope Experiments
-Where is My Water
-House of Mice
-Spy Mouse
-Bag it
-Spider Jack
-Greedy Spiders
-Slice it

Gamerita2301d ago

this game is fun.
android ftw :)