The Extended Cut Fixes Nothing

Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut DLC misses the point entirely and sweeps problems under the rug.

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zeal0us3401d ago

Did you really expect it to fix anything? I didn't even bother downloading the DLC. I just waited for the scenes to be uploaded to youtube.

Game was release in March and its now almost July. Its pass time for people to get over the ending and move on.

googergieger3401d ago

I think most people did to be honest with you. I personally follow the story because it's quite funny/interesting. The story surrounding the ending that is. Most people that indeed hated the ending seemed to have moved on though. Most comments regarding Mass Effect articles nowadays seem to be people that hated the ending to the point they took it personally and people that will defend Bioware regardless of what they would ever do. To the point you wonder if Bioware has unpaid interns and if so, what exactly are they using them for?

In any case, yes the best thing for everyone involved is to move on. Bioware should try better with their next game, and us the fans, should remember to be incredibly wary when it comes to them and purchases in general.

Nimblest-Assassin3401d ago

I think the guys at Bioware have learned after Mass effect 3's ending, dragon age 2 and the old republic. They lost a lot of their fanbase after that, and I think they have learned

Christopher3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

***Did you really expect it to fix anything? ***

Expect? No. Hope? Yeah.

Oh well, it was a pretty good ride from my first steps into ME1 and up to the moment right before I walk into the beam of light to go to the Crucible. There were a few really good moments in ME3 alone that made it worthwhile. Some great writing that unfortunately was forgotten with a rushed ending that was decided by managers and not writers.

Bimkoblerutso3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

It didn't really seem like a corporate fat-cat ending to me, to be honest. It would have seemed more corporate to me if it was a "happily ever after" affair. As it was, though, the ending was just...weird, totally off the wall and completely devoid of context.

Or did you mean that the writers were forced to throw something together quickly because of publisher deadlines? Because I could totally see that.

Edit: and I agree with the article too. I don't see why this would have satisfied anyone that was demanding Bioware "fix" the ending. The extra scenes did absolutely nothing to flesh out the completely random "space magic" elements that were invented for the last hour or so of the game.

Christopher3401d ago

Bimkoblerutso: I don't mean "corporat fat cat" ending, but the reality of it is that the ending was written by a manager and not the writers who wrote the rest of the game. That was direct from one of the writers who worked on the game. It's not that the management wanted to do it their way for some paycheck, but that it was done without the people who wrote the great other portions of the game. And it shows.

Bimkoblerutso3400d ago

Oh, I didn't know that, hehe. The writers literally didn't write the ending...

That DOES explain a lot.

arjman3400d ago

I've heard that Bioware had a Mass Effect bible set out before they even made the games which detailed the entire story but some high-up manager (from Bio or EA) said "Hey, this sounds like a good idea" and changed it right before ME3 was supposed to go gold.

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Megaton3401d ago

Tired of angry people being angry about this. You act like they should have crafted a unique ending just for you. It patched plenty of the ending's plot holes and expanded on the future of the galaxy at large. At the end of the day, that's what I, and lots of other people, really wanted. I'm starting to feel bad for BioWare from watching the butthurt swell into waves of fail, crashing against their forums all day.

Nimblest-Assassin3401d ago

Totally agree.... Mass Effect 3 was a great game. It was, no one on their social club can deny that, but the sheer amount of crap they are giving bioware is so intense, that I actually feel bad for them.

Sure they f***ed up, but at least they tried to make it better, and most people are actually very satisfied. Hell two of the endings biggest bashers, AngryJoe and Jeremy Jahns are satisfied with this

It actually gives the universe a future, rather than a dark age. Im satisfied with what we got, and personally I want another Mass Effect that occurs after the decission you made at the end of mass effect 3.

Megaton3401d ago

From what I've seen, most of the lingering anger comes from people who put all their hopes and dreams on the indoctrination theory being true. Them and nitpickers. I see people getting mad about Harbinger not shooting the Normandy when it comes down to pick up your crew. I'm like "Really? You've never seen that maneuver before in EVERY MOVIE EVER MADE?!"

I was mad as hell about this whole thing. One of the most chapped asses you could find on the topic, but I'm not irrational. I recognize the effort and appreciate the content they included to clarify things that bothered me. Is it perfect? No. Did it bring the satisfying clarity I had wanted? Absolutely.

VanillaBear3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

"It patched plenty of the ending's plot holes and expanded on the future of the galaxy at large" it didn't

Some of them were fixed but the reasons behind them just felt forced and tacked on to try and please people. You could see right past them. There were even a few more new plotholes created in the process.

"At the end of the day, that's what I, and lots of other people, really wanted"

Well I think you'll find the majority of us still aren't happy, I mean with how crap the patch was can you blame us. Just check the forum you'll know what I mean.

"I'm starting to feel bad for BioWare from watching the butthurt swell into waves of fail, crashing against their forums all day. "

It's their own fault, what do you expect. For us to put on a fake smile and no our heads letting them know it was alright what they done and if they do it again it won't matter because they can expect us to forgive them

Honestly it's like people think "Oh it's free what do you expect"'s free because they would face a bigger shit storm if we had to pay for it. They aren't that stupid it's not like like they had much of a choice on what to do.

I for one like how Bioware are getting their arse kicked...

We let Capcom go down a dark path and never said anything, we let Square Enix go down that same path and hell even Activision...I'm glad people arn't doing the same for Bioware they need to get their shit together.

It's pretty obvious that you don't know yourself why ME fans are upset. I didn't invest in this game for three games only for the final 5/10 minutes to shit on everything I've done only for them to release a patch that still hardly solves anything.

Megaton3401d ago

I think you're just one of those people who got caught up in the initial firestorm and spent too much time on BSN. You probably had a very similar set of grievances to mine at first. Then you found more reasons to be mad. Then more even less-legitimate reasons to be mad. But no matter how illegitimate, you kept scooping them up and holding onto them with all your rage. So now your expectations are for them to overhaul all sorts of mundane details because of all the little things you've found yourself hating for reasons you might not even understand anymore.

I think that sums up the half of BSN that still hates it, but I think they'd end up hating anything BioWare does at this point. The negativity has festered for too long, polluting any sort of perspective and rational thought they may have otherwise exhibited.

Christopher3401d ago

I know, right? Screw people having differeing opinions and sharing them at relevant times and all. They should just shut up.

Megaton3400d ago

Looks like something I'd post.

You can think whatever you want, and complain as much as you want. A lot of what I see on BSN goes too far. To say that EC fixes "nothing" is simply not true. People are wearing negativity blinders. It's like they were just waiting for the EC to drop so they could start round 2.

xCaptainAmazing3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

We expected the end to be something else, and maybe it should have been... But what we have now is a good version of what they chose, as opposed to a completely terrible one. Negativity makes little sense here. They literally changed exactly what people wanted without overhauling the last third of their game.

A lot of people watched the ending slides on YouTube and were just like "sucks." When you play it with the plothole fillers and new final conversation that changes the meaning of the AI, the choice, and the aftermath... it's leagues better. The slides were awesome and mixed with cinematics.

People who still hate it wanted to hate it. Everyone else went in with an open mind. It's not like "omfg best ending ever," but it was completely acceptable and easily makes the game enjoyable again.

Summary: ME3 was like Return of the Jedi. The weakest of the 3, with its own problems like ridiculous ewoks tieing it down, but overall it's still good and a satisfying enough conclusion.

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theWB273401d ago

People seem to be mad that the game have you all these choices, seemingly unimportant things were carried over also and they want a cinematic that explains every minute detail. I guess the kid in me allows me to have an imagination and take what I will. But I agree with above, get over it already. There are to many games worth playing rather than harping in this still.

supraking9513401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Best Mass Effect game still, ME3> ME1 > ME2. ME2 was fun but didnt add anything to the story really. Everything in ME1 was solved in ME3 which was very satisfying.
Everything from the Rachni, Quarians vs Geth, Krogan genophage, Counslers etc were solved in ME3 and ignored in ME2.

swat_teem3401d ago

well you could think of me2 as the calm before the storm before the reapers came it was still a fun game and you got to learn more about the mass effect universe

Christopher3401d ago

For me, ME1 > ME2 > ME3. There's some big moments in ME3, but overall it's a lesser game than its predecessors, IMHO.

Vortex3D3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Next time, don't make such an incredible trilogy and expectation on the trilogy ending wouldn't be so high. Look at most games in the market. A lot don't even bother with a decent ending that makes sense or good.

For myself, I care about the game story and decent ending. I thought the extended cut ending is decent, not great but good enough.

For others who still think ME3 ending isn't good enough, then also complain to all other games with bad endings.

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