NPD Analysis: Game|Life's Finest Fights It Out

Chris Kholer Jan 22, 2008 writes:

"It's usually all smiles here at Game|Life, but there's nothing like the monthly NPD videogame sales reports to get us bickering amongst ourselves.

The game biz had a record year in 2007, with almost $18 billion in sales. Wii and Nintendo DS led the pack, but shortages for both meant that sales (while high!) weren't up to the levels they could have been."

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Eretik4662d ago

"Matt Cassamassina over at IGN has access to the full set of NPD data, not just the top tens, and he said something very interesting on their last podcast:
Wii software actually outsold Xbox 360 software this month."

"I've contacted NPD for confirmation, but so far all they've told me is that on the list of Top 100 software titles for December, 20 Wii games charted, versus 18 Xbox 360 games."

"Do I think Nintendo has made a mistake by making such a "casual friendly" machine? No, I don't. Every "hardcore" gamer got their start as a "casual" in some way or another."

"The Wii, like the PS2, has won this battle. And not only does it have the largest user base, it is the least expensive to develop for."