Rumor: Battlefield: Bad Company Delayed reports: "Well this is quite sad, I just got off the phone with someone from EA Games South Africa.

It seems that Battlefield: BC has been delayed from March until June 2008 worldwide. This is apparently due to some extra polishing that the title still requires.

That or the fact that they don't want to land in direct retail competition with MGS4, GTAIV and Rainbow 6 Vegas 2….

Yeah March is still an exciting month but I was really looking forward to Battlefield: Bad Company."

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SDFm3rc4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

delay this game indefinitely, as it is utter sh!te.

Don't waste your money guys. Point-Blank-Period.

CrossyX4666d ago

Can you tell us what Halo 4 is like aswell please

decapitator4666d ago

I for one know this game is not coming out anytime soon. They have army of Two coming out for consoles. They have something in development for consoles are well via Crytek. And then there is this, they are still trying to decide on how the gameplay will be.

Also on the latest 1UP yours podcast, they pretty much confirmed that, this game might not see the light of day in 08.

Devr4666d ago

Lol, Rainbow 6. I understand avoiding GTAIV and MGS4 though.

GavinMannion4666d ago

;) I did say retail comp as it is obviously a very different game to MGS or GTA... However if you can only afford one or two games then which ones would you go for?

Panthers4666d ago

Rainbow Six 2 is going to be huge. I would want to avoid it. Especially since that is more direct competition than GTA or MGS.

ravinash4666d ago

Its going to be a pretty full on year, so how far back can they push it?

mighty_douche4666d ago

dude, i know some dont read the articles but it clearly states in the caption...

"It seems that Battlefield: BC has been delayed from March until June 2008"

Zip4666d ago

yup, I understand why they wont want to release it in Q1/Q2 this year will have tons of big titles!!

no need to figth with someone who´s bigger then you ;)

mistertwoturbo4666d ago

they need more time to optimize the frostbite engine anyway. so far, the videos they show have horrible frame rates. if they can somehow lock it at 30fps, then they got a winner.

kr90914666d ago

30fps? how about 60fps? That would be much much better!

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The story is too old to be commented.