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Superheroes are one of the biggest things in nerd culture, we all have our own favorite hero. Some like Superman, Bat-Man and the odd one will love Aquaman. Mine happens to be Spider-Man. I’ve spent too much time reading Spider-Man comics, just finished watching the 90′s cartoon and did a marathon of the Spider-Man movies. With that being said the movies declined drastically at part 3. Now the movie has been rebooted with new actors and hopefully a better story arc. Not going to lie–I’m excited–but nervous. That also means that a new Spider-Man game will be coming out. There have been numerous Spider-Man games in the past but which are worth your time? This isn’t which one followed the stories of the comics the best nor’ is it about which follows the Spider-Man saga, it’s just about which one makes you feel like Spider-Man, which one is the most fun and which one has enough replay value. This is the Top Ten Spider-Man Games

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