PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas Mo-Cap Trailer

PSU Writes:

"For those of you who have seen the 2 Days 2 Vegas tech demo, we'd like to take things one step further and show off some of the advancements in Steel Monkey's motion capture technology."

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techie4665d ago

Oooh breakthrough in Mo-cap. Cool. No need for stupid dots and loads of cameras now. nice.

marinelife94664d ago

Now that I know it's going to be restrained by releasing also on the 360 my anticipation meter for this title has gone down dramatically. I didn't buy a 360 I bought a PS3 and if a developer is going to develop their game to the lowest common denominator that is their prerogative. However that also makes it my prerogative to pass on the game and spend my time on games that try to push the console to its limits.

Also I question there strategy of showing unfinished shots and videos so early in the process. Even though I appreciate the info graphics absent any groundbreaking gameplay is what builds hype for a new IP. Halo 3 can release pre-alpha shots because there going to sell millions anyway. 2D2V isn't Halo yet. Releasing pre-alpha builds to uneducated gamers will hurt sales later in December unless they can blow away the negative perception later on before release.

sajj3164665d ago

good exclusive stuff with this game. I like the fact that you guys are hitting more than just gameplay in your exclusives.

NoUseMerc4665d ago

No Problem. This is just the first step. I am already working on getting bigger exclusives with SCEA and other studios.

Gamingisfornerds4665d ago

I'd find that a lot more interesting than these tech-demos. Though, atleast they're showing something.

But tech-demos are not necessarily representative of how the game will actually look/animate/be like.

Crazyglues4665d ago

I hope the game is amazing because so far it really looks like they might really have something special here.

I wouldn't be surprised if some big company was to grab them up. This game just might be a huge hit.

jay24665d ago

Smoth, fluid and sweet. Can't wait for in-game!. (how olds the build?)

Gamingisfornerds4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Remember the Two-worlds Mo-cap video? And I'm sure you've seen the end results ingame? The animations will most likely be 'dumbed-down' for the engine to handle. Especially the animation transitions will suffer from this. It's just the way it is unfortunately.

This means nothing. Show this in actual gameplay and I'll be satisfied.

DTClown4664d ago

Looks to me like they are shooting various cut scenes for the in-game engine. Very impressive. Sony needs to grab them now while they have a chance. Loads of money to be made off the engine alone. Keep in mind how crappy the unreal engine is, devs are going to be looking to license the next best thing. Since this is already optimized for the PS3, seems like a perfect fit.

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