Batman Arkham City Wii U - 10mn graphics video

There's a new gameplay video of Batman Arkham City Armored Edition captured during the presentation of the Wii U. This is the totality of the demo proposed by Warner Montréal. And graphics are ...

Ck1x4408d ago

I'm not seeing where people are saying that this game looks worse than both the PS3&360 versions. Even for the game still in development it runs really smooth. The more I see the controls in action and the level of gameplay this will add, the more it seems that this whole second screen set-up will be another game changer this gen.

PopRocks3594408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

"Anonymous sources" are always right!


People like to jump on speculative bandwagons, for one thing.

EDIT: @victorGma21

I'm aware of that. I'm tired of clear fabrication of the truth. How anyone thinks this looks at all worse than the original versions (based on screenshots and E3 video footage) is beyond me.

victorGma214408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

Keep in mind it's an alpha demo of an unfinished game.

legend9114408d ago

They are the fanboys who don't want the Wii U to succeed. In such they shouldn't have anything to worry about if the console they liked was actually better right?

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

yep, it's like the old ps3/360 screenshot comparisons, you'd really have to look to find something that looked better in either one, and if there was one, it was typically so minimal that it didn't matter at all, but in the comments section you'd always see comments like, yep, oh yah, that definitely looks better, glad i have this console and so forth

i honestly cant tell if this looks better or worse, and it doesn't matter because i beat arkham city on a ps3 and i can tell that the difference is so small that it doesn't matter at all, and personally, of course i would go with the wii u version with all of those new features.

it's when people have to nitpick that you know that they're a fanboy

@firelogic, you didn't even try and hide the fanboy , like you seriously said... I hate nintendo because it's nintendo....and for no other reason

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StraightedgeSES4408d ago

Don't see how this game looks worse then the ps360 version. the only bad thing is the textures and that's because the game is still under development other than that everything looks fine.

Eyesoftheraven4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

Looks like mud.. Textures finally popped in at 1:20. You don't have me fooled, Nintendo, now go away.

BattleTorn4408d ago

nice eye. they do pop-in REAL late.

Ck1x4408d ago

But what part of unfinished or in development do you not seem to understand? I mean how simple does it need to be said for people to get that most of this stuff is probably just place holders for what will be in the final game. People should understand that you can't paint and decorate a house before it's built, so why would one expect that games currently in development will already have the final details in them...

Moby-Royale4408d ago

*with a smile*

Well that would require them reading the article and not just watching the video, now wouldn't it? Lol

NYC_Gamer4408d ago

Its a nice launch title but it shouldn't cost 60 bucks since the same game could be picked up on PS3/360/PC for about 30-40 bucks

ginsunuva4408d ago

But.. but, um... It has armors!