5 Underrated Wii U Games – WiR 12/20/14

In this special episode, Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast takes a look at 5 Underrated Wii U games that he feels should be in every system owners collection.

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Angeljuice1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

In my opinion, the list of overrated WiiU games is far, far longer.

Metallox1488d ago

How funny. You always say you don't like Nintendo games in general, yet you come here and tell us that some of its games are overrated.

kwandar1488d ago

I know. You can always tell someone who doesn't own a Wii U by their nonsense comments about the games they've never tried.

Angeljuice1488d ago

Well you always hear Nintendo fans saying they have such great exclusives and point to metacritic as a way of proving their point. I've seen enough of Mario to know that every single game is massively overrated and the same with almost all other titles.

Then somebody provides a list of 'great' games that sounds like a kindergarten book listing which looks a little like;

Fluffy Fox's Furry Knitting: 98%
Little Ducko's Egg Collector: 93%
PickyWickyWoo: 89%
GaGaGooGoo Princess Country: 91%

Now I know that none of these are real titles, but none of them would look even slightly out of place on the WiiU game list.

Every Nintendo game I've ever played (admittedly not that many), has been overrated in my opinion, so it's easy to extrapolate that onto other titles.

I know a lot of people love Nintendo and everything they do, but they just leave me cold.

When a Nintendo title launches, most sites leave the review to the resident Ninty fan (there's always at least one), hence the overrated scores.

Just my opinion of course, but that's how I see it.

kwandar1488d ago


First, I don't generally care what a title is called if it is getting Metacritic scores in that range. Why do you care? Because you're afraid of appearing childish in your peer group.

You've admitted you haven't played many Nintendo games - so you're a troll. I already knew that too, from your comments.

I actually feel a bit sorry for you. You need to come here and troll, comment on things you've never even tried - all because you're immature and insecure. You'll eventually grow out of that.

Amigaengine1488d ago

just trolling through huh ?

Nathan1701488d ago

I bet you dont have a wii u and you also had a bad day,and because of that you wanted others to waste their time replying to you...

Angeljuice1488d ago

I don't have a WiiU, but does that mean I can't have an opinion on it?

Metallox1487d ago

You don't like Nintendo games, that's it.

But it's a bit ironic having you here and saying that Wii U games are overrated, because, again, you don't like Nintendo games in general, so isn't funny to you all this situation? Of course you should seem odd that people like Nintendo titles.

marloc_x1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

On the underrated side , I would add ZombiU. Loved the sound design and music,(and really, a zombie apocalypse would be rather "unbalanced", no? Lol..)

Also, I really enjoy 007 Legends, gamepad integration is very well done!

ChickeyCantor1487d ago

"Then somebody provides a list of 'great' games that sounds like a kindergarten book listing which looks a little like; "

Condescending much?
For any game that was trash on the WiiU, it got a low score. To your logic Sonic Boom should be an 8+/10. It's been blasted to below 5/10.

How insecure are you?

deafdani1487d ago

You're just mad because Fluffy Fox's Furry Knitting is much better than Bloody Gritty Pew Pew Pew.


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Nathan1701487d ago

How can you have an opinion of something you never played?