Just Cause Review

Free-roaming games are getting insanely popular lately. With the GTA franchise, it opened up a whole new way of playing our games, experiencing the environments, and generally mucking about and having fun, even on your lonesome. The traditional format is you use this environment to get to your missions, and generally then use this environment to get to your missions and do them, with police chasing after you.

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kmis875845d ago

It's not too bad considering this is Avalanche studios first game. I think the game would have been nicer if they hadn't bothered with the ps2 or xbox versions. Hopefully they got some good experience out of this and we'll see their games improve with their next try.

Chronical5844d ago

ya i agree with you. it could have been better. the graphics are not that great, especially when he's on the turet gun in back of the jeep. his arm look to be too long or something

wiggles6665844d ago

I really loved the demo, thought the graphics were awesome, especially for such a large world. I'm just going to rent this though, free-roaming games are fun for a while, but I can't justify a purchase without some online functionality. I agree, it would be nice to have seen this as a 360 exclusive, but I guess Avalanche wanted to expand their market to the xbox and ps2; afterall, they are a new company with little or no money.