Eurogamer's First Impressions: Metal Gear Solid 4

Oli Welsh of Eurogamer gives his First impressions of MGS 4. He played a demo consisting of a honeycomb maze of shattered, bombed-out building shells, and their route through takes him sneaking all around its outskirts, looping and circling and doubling back, before finally heading out into the street for a confrontation with an enemy tank.

In terms of features and controls at least, Guns of the Patriots feels more like traditional MGS than Snake Eater or Portable Ops did. Uninterrupted by the heavy menu usage and elaborate gameplay systems of both those games, it's a tense, exacting, crisp and relatively fast-paced stealth thriller, with a stop-start rhythm that harks all the way back to 1998.

The series' traditional bird's-eye view of the action has been replaced with a more contemporary free-look third-person camera. This actually first appeared in the Subsistence version of MGS3, but this is the first time a Metal Gear game has been designed around it, and it shows. The environments are more open but also more complex, detailed and multi-layered.

One thing you needn't worry about: Guns of the Patriots looks stunning. There are far more expansive, varied and showy game environments out there, it's true - the setting is almost drab in its realism - but the characters and their costumes are rendered and animated with an exquisite eye for detail, understated style and perfect, disbelief-suspending finish. Old Snake has the smouldering, craggy dignity of a Connery or Redford, and he's not even real. Metal Gear Solid has always been one of the sexiest game series, and Guns of the Patriots is just dripping with spy-fetish cool.

There's no doubt that it will be a dream come true to MGS fans, and based on Eurogamer demo, it's quite likely to be their favourite since the first.

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krackchap4659d ago

game of forever
only on playstation 3

Cyrus3654659d ago

Now all they need to do is pin point an official date, rather than this vague Q2 stuff.

PirateThom4659d ago

I'm going to retire from gaming after this, there won't be any point once MGS with Kojima ends.

ravinash4659d ago

just make sure its perfect and I'll be happy....thats the only thing that matters.

Panthers4658d ago

that comment is funny. its like when voting for the next president you say

"just make sure he ends world hunger and all war. then ill be happy. that is all that matters. nothing major."

Iron Man 24659d ago

Lik3 Fin3 Win3

Metal Gear Solid 4=Game Of The Year 2008,it's inevitable

I can't wait to pick up my copy of MGS4 for my PS3 later on this year;)

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The story is too old to be commented.