Thomas Was Alone (Exclusive Preview) [VVGtv]

Releasing on June 28th for PC/Mac

It’ll be out first on Desura, then shortly on other digital distribution platforms.

It’s a game about friendship and jumping. Guide Thomas and his friends
around 100 levels, combining their strengths and overcoming their
weaknesses as they work their way through an intriguing – and often
impossibly cute – story, narrated by Danny Wallace.

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MeridianHope2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

To the developers of this game: this looks decent and all, I will check it out. However, when your promotional video shows somebody attempting the exact same jump over 7 times before finally getting it right, and this is only on the *second level* then there is probably a good chance that SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR LEVEL DESIGN OR CORE JUMPING MECHANICS!!

MasterBlud2582d ago

No it was fine. It was me. Precision is key in this game. I can't say much about it right now, but you will enjoy it. I just can't play on keyboard. I am a controller type person.

MasterBlud2582d ago

This is also not the second level. Just for a clarification.