Burnout Paradise: Xbox 360 Vs PlayStation 3

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"Burnout Paradise is the most anticipated game of January 2008 and rightfully so. Find out why we love it by heading over to our Burnout Paradise review, but read on for the definitive verdict on which version is the best. We're going to compare the two games in four key areas (Graphics, Sound, Gameplay and Multiplayer) so you know if you should buy the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 version."

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toughNAME4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

Achievements/custom soundtrack/rumble all things that will/already have been added

Just like the console wars RIGHT NOW
The PS3's future looks bright, there has been a lot of positive news recently for it, and 2008 may be Sony's year

But as of now the Xbox 360 is STILL the best console on the this was very(caps/underline/bold) expected.


But the moral of the story is that there both "about the same" so just enjoy the game everyone. As for me, I'm still undecided, buy or rent?

PopEmUp4659d ago

Rent first then buy as for all the game cause every game cost 60 buck so don't waste it on sh1t games

joydestroy4659d ago

play the demo. if you don't like the demo all that much but you feel you aren't getting enough of the game to give it a chance, then rent it.

for me, this AAA title will be bought this weekend. i've been looking for a racer like this one.

mikeslemonade4659d ago

Both versions for this game are basically equal and you can't go wrong with either one, but in the grand scheme of things this is the first true definitive multiplatform PS3 lead platform game. Come back next month see how DMC4 PS3 version will beat 360 version easier. Also rumble and Home are coming for future games and rumble should already be in this one. The only thing is custom soundtrack which the PS3 doesn't dedicate hardware power which has its positives and negatives. The positive is you can use that power for the game and the negative obviously is you can do custom music.

BrianC62344659d ago

Is the reviewer an Xbox fanboy? He sure comes across as one. He talks about how PS3 fanboys will try to tell you the PS3 version looks better but it doesn't. Why bring that up? And he gives the advantage to the 360 version. Why? I thought they're supposed to be the same. So if you have a PS3 buy that version. Buy the 360 version if you have a 360. If you have both you probably have one console you prefer for online games so buy that version.

I only saw two points he made that gave one an advantage. He said in versus mode the 360 version had some graphics problems. The PS3 version doesn't support custom soundtracks. Other than that they look like they're the same game. I see no reason he has to choose a version.

jvsantos4659d ago

Games are equal ok? byebye.

skitzoid4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

Are these guys even using a 5.1 sound system when comparing the differences? I find it odd that in the age of Hi Def video and audio gaming all reviewers talk about is visuals.

I have both the 360 and PS3 and one place there is a significant difference is in their sound. The PS3 is more articulate with most cross platform games I have tried. I am not bashing the 360 here because most games on the system sound incredible but if you own a decent sound system (not a HTIB from Walmart) and own both systems you know what I am talking about.

I can actually turn the PS3 versions of crossplatform titles up as much as 10db's without straining my ears because it's cleaner sound.

I have been playing both demos non stop trying to figure out which version to choose and I still haven't made up my mind, but sound is one area this comparison falls completely apart. I would pay good money to go to one of these sites and introduce them to a real 5.1 audio setup.

These reviewers shouldn't even mention sound if they are not using a stand alone 5.1 (or higher) system.

Sound aside another thing I noticed is the super jumps seem easier on the 360 and the barrel rolls on the PS3. There is a difference in gameplay without question. One appears to be a little faster and the other seems to have slightly better control.

Reviewers need to start using (if they don't already) dual 1080p displays with a dedicated sound system and play both version side by side simataneously.

IMO both version are a wash and if own both systems this is going to be hard to decision to make.

Edit: Everyone has a difference of opinion but what part are you disagreeing with?

Kleptic4659d ago


I agree with the sound issues between the two consoles...but I have yet to notice a PS3 version of a multiplatform game be any better...

BD offers the PS3 far superior sound imaging and quality (7.1 uncompressed digital sound if a developer is so inclined, something that wouldn't fit on a single DVD on its own)...but very few even 1st party games have even dabbled with it yet...Killzone 2 is rumored to be the first to use it from what I have read...

But several other games have really pushed stuff at least in the imaging department...Warhawk has some of the best imaging of any online game, with full discrete 7.1 channel sound complete with awesome Doppler effects (let some ass drive right by you honking his horn in a Jeep once on a 7.1 channel setup...or have a tank fire across the map just to zing a shell over your head...its unbelievable)...and HS also had equally amazing sound...

but reviewers are where I don't understand things...a game like UT3 gets praised for having great sound and effects...but in my experience it is awfull...explosions sound grainy (especially the results of popping vehicles)...imaging can be way off (an enemy with a stinger in multiplayer could be across the map, but his weapon is louder than your own gun)...

the above has been an issue with every single UE3 game I have played...Bioshock had some goofy sound glitches, ME has it, Gears had it, and Vegas possibly had it worse than any other game...

I don't know what these reviewers are testing things on...but its very obvious it is not anything of quality...the 360 can make it on a high end home theatre...but the PS3 is the only console that has any realistic way to take advantage of one...

skitzoid4659d ago

I can definitely tell a difference between the multiplatform games I have tried by switching between the 2 on the same sound systems.

At first I thought it was because I was using HDMI audio with the PS3 and optical with the 360. So I did a few experiments with both and every time I can tell an audible difference bewteen the 2 systems. It's not night and day but it just sounds cleaner on the PS3.

HS, Warhawk and Uncharted all have excellent sound. I noticed the same thing with Warhawk when a Tank shot goes whizzing by my head in the game.

Without question sound is one area the PS3 out shines he competition and I don't understand why reviewers never discuss it if they are going to include sound in their scoring system.

And why don't they all grow a set and give honest opinions of the differences in every aspect of multiplatform games. When you play both versions of Burnout Paradise, COD4, NBA 2K8, etc.... you can see, hear and feel differences between the games no matter how small they may be.

I think reviewers just cash in and most do as little homework as possible before passing judgement. Sometimes it makes me wonder if the people writing the articles were actually the one that played the games they are writing about.

masterg4659d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

There you go. Now the PS3 wins :)

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gamesR4fun4659d ago

for everyone now if only they'd make it cross platform lol

Blademask4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

With the 360 being the one that cant hang with the PS3.

Custom Music

Can all be added easily. Hardware shortcomings cant. I think perhaps its time to stop doubting that the PS3 can make worthy multiplatform titles. Anyone else?

Genuine4659d ago

You didn't read the whole article did you. In his "final verdict" he says the 360 version is better.

Blademask4659d ago

1. The PS3 Has better graphics. IF you look, which appears to be the #1 pass time of fanboys. TO LOOK FOR THE SLIGHTEST MOST BABY CHANGE BETWEEN THE VERSION. Verdict. PS3

2. The 360 wins because it has features that the PS3 has yet to implement. Rumble, is already out. Custom Music and Achievements is on the way.

Again, While rumble/Music/Achievements are easy to implement, trying to get the 360 to keep up with the PS3 will prove very difficult the more and more Devs get comfortable with the PS3.

Its really now just academic. Graphics are already on the PS3's side. Now its just the little details left.

What's the 360 going to have when the PS3 has music/achievements? DO you honestly think its impossible for the PS3 to do or something? Several games already allow custom music. It just isn't standard. If you notice, the ps3 arguments are all getting washed away.

Graphics dont matter, until its the PS3 that falls short. Then its the biggest story on the planet.

TheMART4659d ago

So is the rumble controller already in the package sold with the PS3?

If not, one has to spend another 60 Dollar/Euro to get rumble on the game, you agree?

Untill the rumble controller will be added with the PS3 package, the PS3 is lagging behind in more ways then one. Even if the rumble feature is working.

Blademask4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

60 dollars for rumble is fair if you want it. Just like paying 90 dollars for wifi is fair, or 120 dollars for a 4mb HDD is fair. The rest of us have to wait for certain contracts to end pertaining to the lawsuit over dualshock in the first place.

They are all options that people choose. Some people cant wait until dualshock is released.. they spend the $.

Since the graphics argument has officially not applied for some time now, I'll let you get away with rubbing a vibrating controller in my face :) After all, you need something to do to keep your xbot power level up right?

Enjoy making fun of PS3 options that are already out. I wonder what you will do when they are all standard? What then? You will be left with a game that has lesser graphics and achievements\music features that the ps3 has.. Maybe you can convince yourself that graphics -really- dont matter, and that Gears of War really is the best looking game ever.. lol.

TheMART4659d ago


First, rumble is something that needs to be standard. Period. Sony proved that by first saying it's last gen feature and suddenly getting rumble back.

Second, I want my console to be connected by wire. Better connection then WiFi. WiFi isn't needed, rumble is for the gaming experience. Period.

The graphics difference isn't showing when I watch the comparing videos side by side. They look the same. So if the PS3 has a TAD version better in this game, it's because it's made for the PS3 first.

How many games are there untill now that look A LOT better on the 360 compared to the PS3? A lot more, with a lot bigger difference. So enjoy this one example you want to milk out over nothing, I'll enjoy those multiple other ones that has the graphic advantage on the 360, with rumble and achievements and online cross game invites, chat and text etc etc etc.

It's just that if you want a console + Burnout + Rumble, this is the breakdown:

PS3: 400 + 60 (game) + 60 (rumble controller) = 520 Euro/Dollar
360: 350 + 60 = 410 Euro. For that extra 110 Euro/Dollar one can get two other games. That's a lot. And they already got 2 games with the Premium package. So that's 5 games in total were you just got one for the PS3.


captainjy4659d ago

Dude, you and the rest of band of PSFreers can go suck a root. Seriously, 8 out of 10 crossplatform titles look and run better on the 360 than the PSFree. And for all of you PSFree fanatics out there, stop declaring 08' as YOUR year. Even if your POS gains ground on the 360, who really gives 2 turds? It will never catch the 360, ever. That's all you have is to claim 08' as the year of the toaster. Real numbers don't lie, not VGChartz numbers, but REAL NPD numbers and they speak one word to me. Stomped. The 360 stomped the PS3, live with it.

tordavis4659d ago

"What's the 360 going to have when the PS3 has music/achievements? "

The big key word in this sentence boys and girls is WHEN. Fact of the matter is this is about Burnout Paradise and the PS3 doesn't have custom music or exclusive achievements. It never will. Maybe other PS3 games will, but BP won't.

I doesn't matter if it's Sony's year or not. I'm still waiting for them to sell 1 million of something. Come talk to me WHEN that happens.

AdamBombastic4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

Wow, you guys are really scraping the bucket for negative ps3 comments aren't ya. The lack of rumble wasn't included due to a dispute with immersion. Now thats settled and you bring up the lack of standard inclusion before its even available in the U.S.? Then you somehow find the ignorance to claim that having the option of connecting wirelessly out of the box is not beneficial. Pathetic... How has the PS3 managed to outsell the 360 worldwide over six weeks in a row and the biggest games have yet to arrive? Home also has the potential to revolutionize the gaming world and it has yet to arrive. In their peaks the PS1 and PS2 were selling 20 million+ a year and I have no doubt the PS3 will be near or possibly exceed those kind of numbers again. Yeah, a 7.2 million unit lead will be soooo difficult to overcome... The 360 will never outsell the PS3 worldwide again. HDDVD's imminent defeat, RROD, Lives inaccessibility lawsuit and the PR damage it's caused is all indicative that the 360's best days are behind it. Could you guys sound any more desperate?

SWORDF1SH4659d ago

@captainjy. you kno that NPD data are jus north america right? vgchartz as always shown the 360 bestin the ps3 in america. worldwide is a different case thou. and MART. jus shut the f**k up

BrianC62344659d ago

Ingenuine wrote: "You didn't read the whole article did you. In his "final verdict" he says the 360 version is better."

I think he read it more than you did. Based on the review I read the PS3 version is at least as good as the 360 version. It even handles the graphics better since the 360 version has problems keeping up in versus mode. The reviewer seems like a 360 fanboy so he chose the 360 version. He said because of a few issues but I only saw that the 360 version has custom soundtracks and the PS3 version doesn't. That doesn't seem like enough of a reason to say the 360 version wins.

Rhythmattic4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )


Motion sensors.... Standard.
Bluetooth Wireless... Standard.
Rechargeable.... Standard...

Cmon you Guys,,, I just bought a Duakshock 3 in Japan , and honestly, if I had the choice of Runble as standard ,or the features as listed above, gimme the above...

One thing for sure , the rumble factor gives the controller some weight... this i like.. Probably why i like the 360 controllers..

However, my Dualshock3 has all of the above. All for $50 Aus !!! (probably $70 Aus when it gets here).

Please dont go selling what you dont have.

BrianC62344659d ago

"Untill the rumble controller will be added with the PS3 package, the PS3 is lagging behind in more ways then one. Even if the rumble feature is working."

I'd rather have to buy a new controller for rumble than a new optical drive. You can add the external HD DVD drive to the 360 but if you do it still won't match the Blu-ray in the PS3 since games won't use it. So the PS3 is still way ahead of the 360 regarding add-ons.

This has nothing to do with Burnout but it shows the real problem the 360 has. DVD is too small and soon games won't fit on one DVD. What will you do then? Swap a few discs? Have fun doing that.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4659d ago

You realy are that dumb arn't you? I bet you wish you could go back and take all those comments out, because they "dee dee dee" Blademask, quit reading the book of stupid.

i Shank u4659d ago

it is this : MULTIPLAT games, designed on one system and then ported to others, will almost always look better on the system they were designed on. The bottom line with grphx is, the 360 can hang with PS3, and vice-versa. They are pretty damn equal thus far. When the ps3 launched, sony wanted everyone to believe the 360 was really "xbox 1.5" and that ps3 was going to blow the 360 away with grphx like the xbox did to PS2. well, that still hasnt happened, and this game being designed on PS3, and running almost the very same on 360 proves that. Booyah

1ben24658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

Did you mean like not having to put batteries in a controller? LMAO.

The 60 dollars i use to buy a rumble controller, you already spent it in batteries....and in paying a yearly fee to microsoft.

I thought so,


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4659d ago
InMyOpinion4659d ago

Denial wins! Learn to read...

SlappyMcTaint4658d ago

I love how they play down the fact that PS3 version has better graphics AND better framerate... fcking 360 wh0res!

"oh, and the ps3 is free online, but that doesn't matter..." fck yea it does! nobody should have to pay for online gaming -paying my ISP is enough, greedy [email protected]

Blademask4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

Loses for not coming with Dual Shock.

and the Features HOME will add.

After that, whats the 360 going to have thats 'better' than the PS3 ports?

Wont be graphics.


Ahh the hubris of the defeated. Thanks for the congratulations! The Dreamcast had over 100 good titles too!

Genuine4659d ago

What does that make now? A total of five 3rd party games that are better on ps3. 360 has around 100 3rd party games that perform better than the ps3 versions. But don't give up, keep waiting around for that 1 game out of 20, it's worth it, trust me.

InMyOpinion4659d ago

You seem to believe that MS will just sit around and wait while Sony implements a bunch of features in the PS3. That's not realistic. MS will keep adding features, and Sony will probably keep chasing.

InYourMom4659d ago

and the rest of the PeeTroop are having a tough time with this one. Because they jumped up and down about how the PS3 is the "definitive" version and you had EGM(Shane the PS3 fanboy) fueling their fire.

One word for that -


Kleptic4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

genuine...please inform of of those 100s of 360 versions being better...which were actually decent games...

when it comes to multiplatform games...every single great one was equal or better on the PS3...CoD 4, Oblivion, Paradise, no arguing UT3 (mods alone will hold it), The Darknes...

the 360 has better versions of dump games...and there are even cases where the PS3 got a better version of a steaming pile...Dirt actually ran on a PS3...and was a horrible game compared to other racers on both platforms...

If getting the better version of Juiced 2, or Blacksite Area 51 makes you happy...good for you...there isn't a single PS3 owner that is upset by that...

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