Crafting reality with Tali'Zorah

The POW Block said: "When I first began writing this article I wanted to take a look back at Mass Effect 3. I thought months might allow me to re-evaluate the ending with a different outlook. Just as taking a break from something allows you to step back and appreciate the experience as a whole. I wanted to find solace in the ending of the game. So, I began looking over the Bioware forums for arguments and counter arguments over the ending."

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Hitster2669d ago

As much as I hated the ending, I have to give it to Bioware, they did an amazing job creating the characters within Mass Effect.

Double_Oh_Snap2669d ago

You're damn right they did and Tali'Zorah vas Normandy is the best. :)

Hitster2669d ago

True that. I honestly don't understand why anyone would say any different. Even a lot of femsheps want her.
Now if only that helmet would come off in view...

Jackson122668d ago

Hell no, Ash is so much better. You cant screw Tali.

Andrew Wiggin2669d ago

Honestly, ignoring the last 20ish minutes, the ending was all about the characters. Saying goodbye to everyone was a really powerful moment.

Hitster2669d ago

I'm just hoping that the extended cut fixes the ending enough for the game to be redeemed. I want people to remember the characters instead of the ending.

Myst2669d ago

Agreed the ending both new and old still hold a powerful effect on me. The musical soundtrack really ties everything together quite beautifully to.

joab7772669d ago

Yes they did and time will allow us to appreciate how great it was...after the sadness of it's finality faded.

I wanted so badly for it to have an awesome philosophical complex ending in which choice didn't matter, or choice only matters during the journey. The indoctrination concept was brilliant too. But now that I look back, only a long drawn out lord of the rings finale would have sufficed. People wanted to b a hero and wanted to wrap up every question and every relationship.

Hitster2668d ago

Exactly, and that is what Mass Effect 3 should have been.

The first one was a space opera. The second one was team building. And the third should have been a goodbye to the team with a epic ending.

Instead we got, space ghosted at the end.

Jackson122668d ago

The ending how it was before the EC is so much better than the crap out now.

Jackson122668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Well at least better than the one I got.

Godmars2902669d ago


Really nailed the look and reveal of the character over three games thanks to a couple of minutes of Photoshop and a stock photo.

Hitster2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )


All anything takes is a few minutes of shooping to get it right. Who cares how long people have been waiting...

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sriki0072669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

apart from the fact you couldn't holster, this game was pretty good.

NosoleeToxin2667d ago

I like this article, by the third game you have grown attached to the "people" as opposed than just another set of npc`s you could care less about. All and all one of, if not, the best game series ever.