FCC filing for PS3 updated with white model

Sony may be planning to release a white version of its 40GB PS3 system in America soon, according to updated photos presented to the FCC. The photos submitted showcase a very sleek looking white system from a variety of angles. As is typical for the 40GB model, it appears it only has two USB ports in front, and no memory card readers. This listing doesn't necessarily mean the white system is confirmed, but it does make it much more likely that PS3 shoppers will get a new color option in the future.

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zambrota4658d ago

who knows ?

we will find out on January 28, 2007

ruibing4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

This is just a new color model, but I don't think a new price is going to come out until close to when a few big games (KZ2, MGS4, or FFXIII) are to be released.

mikeslemonade4658d ago

Nice time to get your 2nd PS3 in conjunction with the Resistance Fall of Man exploit. Get the White one as your normal PS3 and keep the black one for your homebrew.

Maddens Raiders4658d ago

hope it comes with a pricedrop! : P

MikeGdaGod4658d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

i would too. i've been looking to get a new tv for my bedroom and this would be another nice addition.

if sony drops it to $300, i'm sold

@ blusoops.....

thanks for the info. i'm definately getting another one after i get my next hdtv. i might try to hold off for a white one now that it looks like its on the way.

blusoops4657d ago

Just to let you know: You can get the 40GB PS3 now for $299 at just have to apply for the credit card, but you'll get $100 off and the 5 free blu Rays...but the deal ends at the end of this month. But if you want a white one...I guess you'll have to wait.

Guwapo774658d ago

Definately a wait and see thing. Now there is a purpose to buy those white controllers. Even though it wouldn't work with my living room setup. Everything in there is black.

I wonder if this white model will include the 80gig version as well.

Ju4658d ago

I think there is no 80G model any more. At least not in my neighborhood. Asking the clerk if they'd get more in he said, there is nothing in the computer on backorder. Are they sold out already?

Skerj4658d ago

Damn, if I didn't have a PS3 yet I'd probably. ..have bought the 60gb anyway. I use every single feature on it regularly. In any case this would be cool to spur some more sales, they should start popping out colors like skittles ESPECIALLY in Japan, saw what happened with the PSP Slim. If there's a clear PS3, I might have to partake in some purchasings.

Guwapo774658d ago

Man...we might need to start one of those online petition thingies.

chrno64658d ago

I would still choose the 60g model. Note that I have already paid around 700+ for the 60 gig including tax a year ago, and I did not regret it one bit, since it is the most complete model. :)

MikeGdaGod4658d ago

i feel ya, but it would still be nice for a second unit and i guess a first time buyer if you didn't have one at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.