Fatal Inertia Gameplay

Race at break-neck speeds while trying to shoot down your opponents with weapons of your own.

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Jay da 2KBalla5844d ago

Cant wait to play this on my 360.

5843d ago
no_more_heroes5842d ago

Are you sure this is coing to the 360? I haven't seen or heard any announcements...

M3RCUTIO5844d ago

This one looks a lot better during gameplay than it does in screenshots.

CAPS LOCK5844d ago

but i didnt really like the explosions, i thought they where average but it looks good, but i dont think i would buy this, maybe rent it 2 times or something.

JIN KAZAMA5844d ago

You're gonna have a blast palying it in late 2007. I'll let you know how sweet it is before that though.

joemutt5843d ago

About the same time you will be getting your PS3. Which screename are you using now? Did you run out of bubbles again?

beans5844d ago

This game looks nice and I wonder what are the top speeds! Also i didn't here anything about this coming to 360, do you have a link please?

kmis875844d ago

This game looks great. It would be even better if it the vehicles moved faster I think, but it looks gorgeous. I guess we can put all those cgi accusations that plagued the screens to rest.

specialguest5844d ago

yeah i agree, it needs to be a little faster. hopefully, when the aircrafts reach close to max speed or get a boost, they should be faster...hopefully.

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The story is too old to be commented.