Official Nintendo Mag gets super, new website

CVG reports the code monkeys behind the scenes of the Official Nintendo Magazine's website have been pulling weeks of all-nighters to give the site a brand-spanking new look.

The site has always kept readers up to date with the latest Nintendo news but now it's bigger and better than ever thanks to far more content, including more news, reviews and trailers," says online editor Tom East, who's clearly been taking notes from us.

"You'll be able to read reviews of all the latest Wii and DS releases on the site and there's an archive of past ONM reviews," continued East.

Every Friday will also see the latest Virtual Console releases reviewed on the website, which is something we should be doing in all honesty. Maybe we'll just link to the good ones.

Look for, improved video player hosting all the latest Wii and DS games in action as well as breaking Nintendo news as it happens and daily blogs from the ONM team.

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Cyrus3654659d ago

Is it me or does the offical Nintendo mag, have the same coders as, it looks pratically the same except obviously Nintendo flavored.

Intrepid4659d ago

its definitely the same.

Cyrus3654659d ago

Okay lol, It's essentially the same, with CVG main page color being black, and nintendo main color being white.