The Greatest Gaming Icons

Tech UK MSN: "Ever since Mario first hurdled the barrels that Donkey Kong threw down at him, computer games characters have printed themselves onto the public consciousness.

We spend hours at a time on computer games, so it is inevitable that we start to form attachments with the protagonists and their foes.

Some computing icons are little more than a collection of pixels, whilst some have evolved into 3D rendered semi-photo-realistic creations - but they are all instantly recognizable to millions of gamers worldwide".

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Bonsai12144661d ago

never heard of the miner or the pirate, but the others i agree are great icons. i'd perhaps include Crash or Reiko from the RR series.

akaFullMetal4661d ago

what about kratos, he has jumped up quite a bit and alot of people know him, maybe not as much as them, but he'll get there on gow3 i think.

kingOVsticks4661d ago

kratos should b in there also megaman

Iron Man 24661d ago

Solid Snake FTMFW!:D

*sigh*Master Chief?*sigh*

Mr_Kuwabara4661d ago

I see that you dislike the 360 but why hate the games that come with it?

I don't own, or plan on buying a 360 but the console at least have some great games and Master Chief is just one example of a character that shines above the the rest in the gaming industry.

Anyway they forgot Kratos. -_-

Dmack794660d ago

They forgot, Kratos, Crash Bandicoot, Kirby, Spyro, and Mega Man. Also in my opinion, as much as I like Aerith, sh should still not have replaced Cloud.

HarryEtTubMan4660d ago