The Ultimate Team Fortress 2 Strategy Guide

GameAlmighty has compiled a comprehensive 18-page strategy guide for those looking for tips and tricks for Team Fortress 2. Matt Butrovich from writes, "The guide is arranged by class, and then by map. First we give you a breakdown of each class and game, with their respective pros and cons and some general tips that will make you a better player regardless of the scenario. Next we delve into the six stock maps that come with Team Fortress 2 and give you specific strategies for success."

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TheIneffableBob4659d ago

Decent guide, but there are some inaccuracies such as this: "The Demoman is the only class with indirect fire, meaning you don't need line of sight on an enemy to do damage to them."

The Medic's syringe gun also has the property of indirect fire as it arcs, although the effect is not as pronounced as the Demoman's grenade- or -sticky-bomb launchers.

Check out the Team Fortress 2 section of the forums for some very in-depth guides on how to play particular maps and classes. I learned quite a few tricks from there.