Xbox 360 hits 300k mark down under

More than 300,000 Xbox 360s now sold in Australia; Halo 3 top-selling title for 2007.

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Bill Gates4665d ago

HAHAHAHHHHAHA....300K, That's it?....In OVER 2 YEARS!!!!!!


Pandaren004665d ago

did ps3 launch in march 2007 in Australia?

the_bebop4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

The PS3 Launched in Australia on the 23rd of March 2007 the same month and day the 360 launched in Austalia but in 2006.

ElfShotTheFood4665d ago

They would have sold even more, but dingos stole the rest.

TerrorCell4665d ago

considering vg chartz shows just over 200k where did the other 100k come from? oh yeah they probably counted the RROD consoles that couldn't be refurbished and counted the new one that they chipped! that would account exactly for the 100k missing out of the supposed 300k microsoft claim it has sold in aus i.e 30% failure rate

power of Green 4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

VG-Charts is a Joke, Oh man what a JOKE!!!!! you are....AHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAH HHA

2 years shmew years what does it matter when the markets is being set in MFST's favor.

PS3's outselling the 360? or did many buy it when given the chance due to the PS fanboys that out number 360 fanboys.

Who would by a 360 when Sony was saying it was so powerful PS3 launch games could not be achieved buy the 360 its whole life. lol

You should never mention 2006 sales fool(PS3 5 times more powerful than the 360). Hell even I was going to hold off buying the 360 untill I developed a better understanding of what was possable with current tech thus my mebership to this site because of that PR bullshit. lol

No one knew the 360 would deliver as PS did in the past(Its all Europeans know [and others] vs Americans with a habbit of trying out new things or even maybe having more options intead of a brand monopoly controling consumer habbits, the UK and AUS seem to adjust faster then the rest of EUR.), that also factors into past sales but thats changing fast when it comes to trust and being a now proven force as MSFT is in the industry LOWLLLLLL.

TerrorCell4665d ago

Americans don't try new things. they buy the 360 because it is American and what better way to show your patriotism than buy american! you guys should change your banner from in god we trust to in bill gates we trust (trust too steal our money and give us crappy hardware)

Synex4665d ago

@ 4.1 - Get laid

@ 4.2 - I'm American and I support Sony. Gates and his poorly run company, which he no longer runs, can blow me. I can't wait to buy my new Apple Laptop.

power of Green 4665d ago

I forgot about the Sony stunt that kept consumers from going ahead and investing in a console when Sony wasn't ready to launch the PS3 but clearly lied to the world that it was by repeatedly announcing a PS3 launch when they couldn't. lol fool you Sony fanboys are classic.

Sales theories based from 2006 are moot for a number of reasons. Popularity isn't as big of an factor as you think.

TerrorCell4665d ago

yeah i am and aussie and it is true a lot of people here did purchase a 360 including myself. not one of my mates have made it this long without a RROD. maybe someone should do a chart of the percentage worldwide of people who have had a 360 RROD and defected to Sony for a better product. they would no longer be able to be counted as owners now could they. and before you talk i wonder how many 360's are on a waste tip now? probably about 33% right

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