New Battlefield 2142 Users Left With Nothing

LiquidSpikes writes
"New players who bought the new version of Battlefield 2142 the Deluxe Edition are left upset with nothing but a non working game over the 3 day weekend. the error everyone seems to be getting is "The CD key has already been registered with an account" this error is coming up because EA recently changed the way you log into your account, now it is through e-mail address. So when new users register our game it is registered under there e-mail address and not under their EA Account. And, they can not log into their Battlefield 2142 with a E-mail address we need our EA Account Name. Quoting one of the players on the forums "This is all EA's fault. I am not bashing, this is fact" To read more read the forum page on the issue. This error was responded to by EA saying it was a user error."

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