TGS 06: Railfan Hands-On

If you're a fan of rails (and seriously, who isn't?), then this PlayStation 3 train simulator might be precisely what you're after.

Your console can't possibly be successful until it gets some kind of esoteric Japanese train simulator. Everyone knows that, including Sony, who is showing off a train sim from Ongakukan called Railfan. As former hobos ourselves, we're big fans of riding the rails, though this one puts you in the conductor's chair. Oh, and the visuals are startling.

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kmis875847d ago

MS gets a lot of crap about not knowing what Japanese gamers want, but I got to admit I'm in the dark as much as they are. A train simulator? Anyways, it looks gorgeous. It doesn't look like a game I'd want to play but I guess the Japanese will have plenty of fun with it.

PS3n3605847d ago

This is the Halo killer system seller for sure. MS gotta be shaking in their boots. I am gonna ebay my 360 and preorder this one.

Bill Gates5847d ago

sorry it's not a FPS you LOSERS....hahhaa

you never know this game could well be fun...

welcome CHANG3 you morons

Schmeltz5847d ago

There is ABSOLUTELY no way those are real screens. They both look like they were photoshoped togeather.

Please correct me if I'm missing something

Ravenator5295847d ago

The thing is that the visuals look great because it is all pre-recorded video.

But I could seriously see this game being the Halo killer every PS fan has been waiting for!


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